Technology Trends Impacting Information Professionals

Lauren Hays

Lauren Hays

January 11, 2022

At the beginning of every year, I read and watch what’s being highlighted at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The technology that is showcased is always cutting edge. 

While the event has been scaled-back due to the pandemic, CES is still an influential show in the area of consumer electronics. 

You can see some highlight videos here

Wired also has a live blog of the latest CES news.

Besides my general interest in technology, I find staying up-to-date on technology trends important for someone who works in the information profession. Technology trends impact how information is shared and consumed. We may not have access to the newest technology, but our stakeholders may. Even if your stakeholders do not have access to the newest technology, it is still important to be aware of upcoming technology trends, because technology trends frequently shape information trends. 

From the perspective of information professionals, the technology trends also impact what type of information we need to archive. For example, there is a great deal of content being created in augmented reality and virtual reality that will likely be lost if there are no concrete plans for how to preserve the information. Information preservation is part of our role and we need to consider how technology trends factor into that. 

Additionally, archiving the technology itself is another factor that should be considered in some organizations. If your organization is heavily invested in a particular technology device, it may be beneficial to consider how to preserve that device. Libraries have done this with record players, microfilm, microfiche, etc. While technology does quickly become out of date, and it is impossible to save everything, I always suggest having clear policies on what technology is preserved. 

One final thing I want to mention, in addition to following CES each year, I also read the Horizon Report from Educause. This report focuses on educational technology trends in higher education. The report also considers implications from the technology on teaching and learning environments. While this report may seem outside your direct area of employment, I suggest reviewing it to stay current on what technology new hires at your organization experience. Further, many of the technology trends mentioned in the report are also being used in workplaces. 

Lauren Hays

Lauren Hays

Lauren Hays, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Instructional Technology at the University of Central Missouri, and a frequent speaker on topics related to libraries and librarianship. Her professional interests include information literacy, educational technology, library and information science education, teacher identity, and academic development. Please read Lauren’s other posts about skills for special librarians. And take a look at Lucidea’s powerful integrated library systems, SydneyEnterprise, and GeniePlus, used daily by innovative special librarians in libraries of all types, sizes and budgets. 

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