Next Generation Knowledge Curation


Next Generation Knowledge Curation

  • Powerful database search and discovery capabilities
  • 100% Web-based
  • SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • Build once, publish anywhere


Next Generation Knowledge Curation

  • Powerful database search and discovery capabilities
  • 100% Web-based
  • SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • Build once, publish anywhere

Best of Both Worlds

PrestoWorks combines the best of both worlds: a database management system and a text retrieval system. This combination delivers powerful, flexible benefits, enabling structured sharing of knowledge throughout your organization—increasing efficiency, improving performance, and delivering bottom-line impact.

World Class Security

World class Security

Establish granular permissions to allow designated users to publish and maintain specific content. Ensure that organizational knowledge gets only to the right people at the right time.

100% Web-based

100% Web-Based

Push content, edit records, and seamlessly echo your website’s design, reinforcing your organization’s brand and providing users with an experience that feels familiar.

Easily Share Collections

Easily Share Collections

Manage and curate collection categories and drop your users off exactly where they need to be, enabling a holistic and current view of topics, practice areas, and more.

Build Once, Publish Anywhere

Build Once, Publish Anywhere

 PrestoWorks is ideal for organizing and disseminating your information anywhere, at any time.

 Whether you are a pharmaceutical company requiring instant access to large volumes of medical information, an engineering firm needing to input and access both internal and external information, or a professional services firm with a mandate to capture geographically dispersed intellectual property, PrestoWorks delivers an easily managed knowledge repository to utilize, preserve, and share your content and information assets.

Mallealbe Design & Maintenance

Malleable Design and Maintenance

 A PrestoWorks content type can contain just about anything, from customer information, to company policies, or competitive intelligence. You design your content type to suit your needs. Simply specify the fields you want to include in each record. PrestoWorks fields can handle full and abstracted text, plus dates, numbers, images, and more. Pour as much information into any field as necessary.

Link Content Types and Save Time

 PrestoWorks’ ability to link one content type to others eliminates redundant information, and reduces the time you spend entering and updating your data. Keep common information (such as names and addresses) in one content type and reference it from others.

Mallealbe Design & Maintenance
Fast, Precise, User-Friendly Searching

Fast, Precise, User-Friendly Searching

 PrestoWorks completes a keyword search across thousands of records in seconds. (The same search in a standard DBMS can take many minutes.) PrestoWorks delivers this difference because it indexes every word in a content type, resulting in faster searches than a DBMS which does not index textual information.

 With PrestoWorks, manage complex queries with ease. Simply fill out a customized search screen. Choose from a variety of Boolean operators and specify the selection criteria — such as dates, keywords, phrases, ranges, and proximity relationships — in order to broaden or narrow your searches.

 Search screens can include prompts to search several fields at once. Users can select keywords or terms from popup indices automatically built by PrestoWorks and displayed along with the search screen.

 PrestoWorks breaks records down to the field level, producing precise search results. Queries can be narrowed by searching two or more fields at the same time, dramatically increasing search accuracy. E.g., instead of searching for all correspondence with the words “Bob Jones,” you can search for all letters written by Bob Jones to Mary Smith before June 2018.

Easily Import Records

Easily Import Records

 By importing ASCII-delimited files, you can add thousands of records to a content type from virtually any third-party database package. Your existing database records can be transferred to PrestoWorks in minutes. You can also import text from documents in a variety of formats.

PrestoWorks Advanced Reports - Drag and Drop Building

Simply Drag-and-Drop to Design Advanced Reports

 PrestoWorks gives you total control over the look and content of your reports. You can repackage search results to fit your individual needs. With the Advanced Report Designer, you can click and drag to select boxes representing various report elements, size them, and place them on the page.

 Reports and screens can have mixed text and graphics. The Advanced Report Designer also gives you the ability to specify background color for forms and boxes. Send a report as an email from within PrestoWorks.

Create Tables Effortlessly

 To create tabular or columnar reports, simply choose the field you want in each column, and PrestoWorks does the rest.

PrestoWorks Advanced Reports - Drag and Drop Building
Manage Images in an Instant

Manage Images in an Instant

 Image management capabilities are built into PrestoWorks. Store, retrieve, display, and print images. PrestoWorks gives you instant access to photographs, 35mm slides, documents, maps, and more.

Design and Configure Screens

Design Your Look and Feel

 Customizing your screens is easy with PrestoWorks’ accordion or tabular organization system.

Database-Driven Web Content

 Using PrestoWorks, design search screens, edit screens, detail screens, and reports for web presentation. PrestoWorks Publisher can then be used to publish, manage, and retrieve the information on your website or intranet.

 You can also edit records in a browser window. Allow users to interact with the content types — for instance, adding ratings or reviews. The password control built into PrestoWorks ensures data integrity and security.

 Because PrestoWorks Publisher (see below) manages your web information within the framework of a PrestoWorks content type, you can update and maintain your information through batch import, delete and modify functions. This allows the content type to drive the content on the Web.

Design Your Look and Feel

PrestoWorks Publisher

Leverage it to make PrestoWorks content types and records available to your users via the Web.

 PrestoWorks Publisher is a powerful and flexible solution for enabling public access to your PrestoWorks content.

Do More in Less Time

Single application administration optimizes behind the scenes management of data and reporting, while powerful access capabilities enable users to spend less time searching and more time doing.

Collaborative Content

Leverage the “wisdom of the community” to enhance organizational knowledge via bottom-up social capabilities.

Search and Discover

  • Search across all content types at once
  • Query multiple fields at once
  • Search within file contents, not just fields (in PDFs, Word documents, etc.)
  • Offer faceted search and browsable directories

Capabilities & Impact

PrestoWorks PrestoWorks Publisher
Low cost Software-as-a-Service
Service Level Agreement
Managed Upgrades
Managed Backups
100% Web-Based
Modern Look/Feel
Industry-Standard Technology
Self-hosted x x
Manage Collections Categories
Calculated Fields
Reports Designer
Browse by Collection Category
Mobile Support
Single Application Administration
Customizable Branding
Advanced Reports Designer
Customizable Web Portal x

Trusted Around the World

For over 30 years, the world’s leading corporations, professional services firms, government agencies, non-profits, healthcare organizations, law firms, and heritage institutions have trusted Lucidea to optimize the impact and value of their knowledge assets.

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