Illuminate the Past, Preserve it for the Future

Increase the visibility of unique historic materials while ensuring their future preservation, so they can be used to study and understand the ideas and thoughts of their original creators.

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Access, Visibility, Value

The primary goals of today’s archivists include making archival collections widely accessible to users, supporting research, and preserving records for the future. With SKCA’s powerful tools, you can  enable broad public access, while you facilitate multimedia content preservation and demonstrate long term value to funders and sponsors.

Purpose-built to Answer Archivists’ Modern Day Challenges

Make archival collections visible, accessible and searchable

Eliminate duplication of effort, saving time and resources

Offer a secure public access catalog that integrates with the administrative back end

Present digital content, covering all media types

Automate Workflow, Unveil Collection

Archives staff can easily see the entire collection, as can the public, and finding records when needed is a snap.

Move Beyond Standard Software

Purpose built SKCA offers integrated records, and optimized search and browse options that go way beyond the capabilities of one-size-fits-all software packages.

Reveal Your Secrets

Enrich curation with file types of all kinds, including images, audio and video—plus full text searchable PDF and Word documents

All-in-One Solution

Designed as a completely integrated solution, SKCA includes the modules that support the daily needs of archivists and those who research their collections. And when changes are made in one module they are instantly reflected wherever they are needed.

Not sure if CuadraSTAR SKCA is right for you?

Our team of experts can answer your specific questions, evaluate your needs and show you what CuadraSTAR SKCA can do for you (or put you into one of our other archives solutions).

Flexible Hierarchical Mode

Arrange your collections with as many levels of hierarchy as each requires, reorganize hierarchies when appropriate, and expand on them as needed.

Finding Aid Generation

Produce EAD finding aids as XML files easily and quickly from catalog data. Or generate finding aids dynamically as part of the public access catalog. Maybe both!

Offer Web Access

Implement the secure public access catalog so researchers can browse and search your collections over the Web. Since it is integrated with the administrative back end, there is no extra work for you in offering this service.

Produce Statistics

Support funder decisions with statistics generated from SKCA. Track the services you provide, your workload, the donations you receive, the number of researchers who access your public catalog, and more.

CuadraSTAR SKCA Success Stories

SKCA and Inmagic Presto: The Archives Dream Team

“Our mission is to collect and preserve American Jewish History and to provide broad access to our collection, which is at its heart. We needed to have people supporting us as we went on the journey to fulfill our mission. Lucidea has been by our side through the...

CuadraSTAR SKCA and The Portman Archives, LLC

The Portman Archives manages a diverse range of architectural materials; they digitized their holdings and use SKCA to search and share the collection.

CuadraSTAR SKCA and Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records

The Arizona State Archives uses SKCA to manage their collections and provide access to a wide array of materials relating Arizona history.

Use Cases

Expand access for users far and wide

Using SKCA, archivists have multiple ways to present their collections to scholars, extending access to researchers around the world and increasing the potential for outreach beyond the scholars/others who are already familiar with their collections. For example, the Sequoyah National Research Center in Little Rock Arkansas has the largest (and probably the most important) collection of Native American materials in the world. They have memorabilia, documents, newspapers, manuscripts, artwork – much of it unique – that is invaluable to researchers, many of whom may not ever make the trip to Little Rock Arkansas, and who wouldn’t know where these materials are without SKCA.

Efficiently Describe Unprocessed Materials

SKCA offers a way to describe materials in “batches” (e.g., collections, series, containers, items) and then add to the description as time goes on, or simply add inventory lists. And, it offers ways to easily input data and manipulate it from there. For example, a large county Archives has a single archivist, a warehouse of unprocessed materials, and a team of volunteers. The archivist has designed a spreadsheet with columns that match fields in SKCA records.The volunteers go thru the boxes, identify what they have found in the spreadsheet with each row describing a folder within a box. The archivist then reviews the spreadsheet and copies and pastes the entire spreadsheet into SKCA as an archival “inventory list.”

Adapt Hierarchies at any Time

With SKCA, you can adapt a given hierarchy with as few or many levels as needed. For example, in corporate or government archives, departments transfer materials to the archive on a regular basis. In cases like these, the Archives already has the collection. The new materials that are transferred in are called “accruals.” Descriptions of these materials will need to be inserted into the existing hierarchy and/or will call for the reordering of the hierarchy. With SKCA, managing accruals descriptions within the hierarchy is quick and easy.

Training and support… unparalleled and included

We offer training throughout the life of your partnership with us. Our training sessions help you maximize the value of your investment in our solutions. Our instructors and materials show you how to use CuadraSTAR SKCA and give you a broad understanding of the system. This foundation enables you to make decisions that ensure CuadraSTAR SKCA is optimized to fit your organization’s needs.

Our team of helpful technical experts is available around the clock to solve your technical problems and provide exceptional customer service, 24/7/365.

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