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LookUp Precision

Online Resource Management Software

Manage your Online Resources Portfolio for Maximum Results

LookUp Precision is the powerful digital resource cost management and recovery system that enables knowledge intensive organizations to extract maximum value from online information resources, reduce costs, and bring transparency to the purchasing process.

Return on (Your Resource) Investment

Take control of your online resource portfolio and make evidence based decisions that maximize the value of your information services investments. LookUp Precision gets you there – with visible, tangible results in no time.

Return on (Your Resource) Investment

Clarity, Measurement, Marketing

LookUp Precision brings clarity to your full portfolio of online research subscriptions. Evaluate renewals, cancellations and training based on usage analytics, and share data with internal stakeholders and key vendors.

  • Maximize the value of online subscriptions by identifying training opportunities
  • Analyze usage metrics and bring transparency to the price setting process
  • Promote new or highly valuable resources
Evidence-based Budgeting

Evidence-based Budgeting

Evaluate and qualify online resources for better budgeting and vendor negotiation strategy without relying on vendor supplied information; identify which resources are most/least used, and quantify actual user base versus potential user base.

Eliminate Password Frustrations

Offer self-service password retrieval with “My Passwords.” LookUp Precision ensures convenient access to login credentials, allowing users to view their own dynamically generated information for each tracked digital resource.  LookUp Precision collects credentials, auto-fills logon fields and tracks changes to logins/passwords – eliminating the burden of password management regardless of location, office, timezone or browser.

Eliminate Password Frustrations

Cost Recovery On-the-Go

The LookUp app captures critical elements of digital resource management – tracking searches, time and client validation – for iPad/iPhone users, anytime, anywhere.

Visible, Tangible Results in No Time

With LookUp Precision you will derive value fast – we offer rapid and easy implementation that delivers immediate results. LookUp Precision is easy to install and administer, requiring minimal system resources and network bandwidth, residing within your network for maximum security and reliability.

Use Cases

LookUp Precision is used by professional services firms all over the world to monitor and measure usage of browser-based research services (e.g. LexisNexis, Westlaw, S&P Capital IQ; ThomsonOne; Factiva, Dealogic, FactSet etc.), supporting informed expense management, improved ability to negotiate with publishers and aggregators, and targeted training for end users. LookUp Precision’s detailed usage tracking capabilities (coupled with powerful reporting options) enable financial services companies, consultancies and law firms to reduce online research costs, justify expenses, and prepare for vendor negotiations with solid data that informs purchasing strategy.

A midsize law firm leverages LookUp Precision’s credentials management (password) capabilities to save their attorneys the time and frustration of managing logins for the hundreds of resources they use – both internal systems and external subscription services.

With LookUp Precision’s “MyPasswords” self-service capabilities, attorneys can quickly see their credentials for online resources without Administrator involvement. LookUp Precision collects credentials, auto-fills logon fields and tracks changes to logins/passwords  – eliminating the burden of password management regardless of location, office, time zone, or browser.

A national law firm banished their cumbersome, time-consuming and often inaccurate online resource usage collection and billing processes in favor of LookUp Precision. With its built in client/matter validation and cost recovery functionality, billing codes are now available as soon as they are opened, properly formatted for the specific online resource session and auto-filled for every research session across all offices. Transaction and usage data is centrally stored and available real-time for dashboard view and report generation, and can be read by the firm’s financial system (Aderant, in this case) leading to timely billings, and reducing hundreds of hours of attorney and administrative staff time to significantly improve the firm’s cost recovery processes.

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