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The Next-Generation ILS that Connects Libraries with Powerful Knowledge Management

SydneyEnterprise is a feature-rich, integrated library solution (ILS) for all types of special libraries. Built from the ground up with LucideaCore technology, SydneyEnterprise helps you do more – because it’s KM at its core.

A Unique, Unified Approach: Library Automation and Knowledge Management

If you’re ready to move your organization’s KM agenda forward (but feel stymied by your ILS) you’ll find that SydneyEnterprise is the answer. You’ll enjoy traditional ILS functions (e.g. cataloging, lending, serials and acquisitions), advanced ILS functions (e.g. electronic resource management, Active Directory and SharePoint integration, and multi-branch work flow) and knowledge management functions, such as the ability to create and publish non-library knowledge repositories, federated search of 3rd party content and many others.


Encourage discovery by providing an enriched querying experience

Accelerate all aspects of capturing, organizing and sharing knowledge resources; create the single authoritative source for all organizational knowledge resources; play nicely with others, including SharePoint or even Google, and go mobile to support end users, wherever they are, via whatever device they choose.

Comprehensive Collection Management

Whether you are managing books, images, eJournals, videos or other media, SydneyEnterprise has you covered. No matter what format your critical knowledge takes, you can capture, organize and share it.

Advanced Information Discovery

Enable users to easily find critical information, and expose content that cannot be found using traditional search methods. Rapidly filter results, make queries much more precise, follow visual pathways to essential data, and push information on the most critical topics.

Single Knowledge Source

Create the single authoritative source for your organization’s knowledge assets. Integrate SydneyEnterprise with any internal and external information repositories, making it easy to find critical knowledge no matter where it originates.

SydneyEnterprise gives Librarians more, so they can do more



Digital Media Interface






Import & Export



Client Management (Optional)

Use Cases

A growing regional law firm with 20 practice areas has an emerging strategy of emphasizing online databases and content. With new offices and new library staff, they use SydneyEnterprise to manage an expanding digital collection while improving operational efficiencies and promoting new KM initiatives.
An international law firm with ~1,000 attorneys in 19 offices benefits from the simplified ILS/KM administration enabled by SydneyEnterprise, with everything in one centralized platform, developed based on the latest technology and sustainable well into the future.
A leading educational testing and measurement non-profit must leverage tools that allow library staff to administer and configure their own platform without relying on the IT department, while ensuring that the ILS integrates with existing organizational information resources including SharePoint. With SydneyEnterprise, they achieve their goals of self-sufficiency and participation in the technology infrastructure.

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