Stellar Library Automation for a Digital-First World

SydneyDigital is the next generation of Lucidea’s market-leading integrated library systems.

Special Librarians increasingly practice their profession in a digital-first world, and take on more projects and specialties while managing online resources and digital collections.

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Simplification in a Digital World.

With SydneyDigital you have a streamlined suite of innovative capabilities to manage both physical and digital knowledge assets, delivering a single venue for all your organizational intelligence, no matter where it resides, or what form it takes.

Bring Your Digital-First Strategy to Life!

SydneyDigital is for today’s special libraries of all sizes and budgets with …

  • Mostly digital content resources, and decreasing emphasis on physical items
  • Likely budget and personnel constraints
  • A requirement to easily and efficiently catalog, circulate, and present digital content

If you manage a special library collection based on a digital-first strategy, SydneyDigital is for you.

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SydneyDigital is really our single problem-solving venue and streamlines all our back-end administration and technical services procedures; it’s an efficiency engine.
Russel Rockicki

Library Operations Manager

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SydneyDigital is definitely built for a special library … the solution is made for exactly what we are trying to do; plus, we like the clean, contemporary way it looks and feels.
Sara Thomas

Director of Research and Information Services

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The flexibility of the system has been a wonderful surprise for me; working with SydneyDigital opens your eyes to exciting things you’ll be able to do down the road.
Allison Perry

Research and Information Services Manager

Comprehensive Collection Management

Whether you are managing books, images, eJournals, videos or other media, SydneyDigital has you covered. No matter what format your critical knowledge takes, you can capture, organize and share it.

Advanced Information Discovery

Enable users to easily find critical information, and expose content that cannot be found using traditional search methods. Rapidly filter results, make queries much more precise, follow visual pathways to essential data, and push information on the most critical topics.

Deliver a Single Knowledge Source

Create the single authoritative source for your organization’s knowledge assets. Integrate SydneyDigital with any internal and external information repositories, making it easy to find critical knowledge no matter where it originates.

SydneyDigital Delivers the Fundamentals

Traditional ILS functions

  • Cataloging (including Rapid Data Entry) – allows for manual data entry
  • Circulation – allows for circulation (if needed) of materials
  • Serials – allows for e-journal subscription management

Advanced ILS functions

  • Online resource management
  • Active Directory and SharePoint integration
  • Multibranch workflow

KM/Knowledge Curation functions

  • Create and publish non-library knowledge repositories
  • Federated search of 3rd party content
  • Leveraging the wisdom of the crowd to create new knowledge

Spotlight: Request management

Tracking the value added by the full spectrum of library services and deliverables is key to the library’s future success.

SydneyDigital’s feature-rich Request Management Solution offers end-to-end capabilities that take special library research workflow seamlessly from request or project capture, to request handler assignment and resource allocation, to collaboration, to (multimedia) documentation, to communication with the requester—and finally to automatic creation of a database for reuse and reporting—all within a single venue.

Advanced search and discovery

SydneyDigital’s intuitive interface with one-touch navigation and customizable workflows makes it easy to get into every corner of its database. Users can browse intelligently and accelerate the capture, organization, and sharing process so that content is delivered at the point of need.

Access and search content via mobile device

Offer mobile support so users can now access information whenever they need it, wherever they are, via whatever device they choose.

Reporting on-the-fly

Run reports directly from a search results set whenever you need to, and report on the exact items of interest, without additional searching. Improved multi-level sorting enables much better control over search result order, allowing users to quickly find the right information.

SydneyDigital's reporting interface
SydneyDigital's reporting interface

Empowering users with knowledge that informs action

Lucidea’s Analytics Dashboard is built to instantly deliver real-time critical data you need to monitor and manage departmental performance, with details and trend analysis that drive optimal decision-making. Spend time strategizing, not searching—and tell your story of operational performance and productivity in language business leaders understand.

An image of an example Analytics dashboard in SydneyDigital
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Configure the system to work best for you

SydneyDigital’s unlimited extension and configuration options help you meet the needs of staff and end users as your organization grows and/or changes—without depending heavily on IT. Easily customize the user experience, add fields for new content, and modify workflows to suit your needs—now and in the future.

Built with LucideaCore

LucideaCore is the culmination of 35 years’ worldwide experience serving thousands of organizations in multiple industries, combined with intensive R&D. LucideaCore applications help information professionals create and deliver valuable, user friendly information resources driven by a powerful engine that improves curation, discoverability, and access.

Use Cases

Global Asset Tracking

A large (100K+ employees) agribusiness company needs to track valuable physical assets used in various corporate facilities and occasionally lent to public institutions. They created a custom database used to track asset location and produce reports pertaining to asset history, enabling broader access and better collection management.

Getting Critical Information Fast

A major global consumer goods company needs to store and publish critical health and safety information. They were able to easily create a new database that meets key regulatory requirements and also provides custom fields to store the metadata required for fast search and retrieval.

Capture, Share, Protect

An industry leading biotechnology company needs to capture and share key reports, study findings and lab notes while observing strict data security. They built a custom database used to efficiently capture this information and share it easily with guaranteed permissions management via the organization’s intranet.

SydneyDigital FAQs

Can I still manage physical resources with SydneyDigital?

Yes! SydneyDigital offers all the traditional and advanced library automation features and functions loved and leveraged by Sydney ILS users, including streamlined …

  • Cataloging (including Rapid Data Entry) – allows for manual data entry
  • Circulation – allows for circulation (when needed) of materials
  • Serials – allows for e-Journal subscription management

Can I configure, customize, and integrate with other systems using SydneyDigital?

Yes! Here are some of your options …

  • Design Suite—allows for flexibility of set-up and downstream adjustment of the data structure, portals, views etc….
  • Import/Export—allows for data to be imported/exported in CSV (open in Excel)
  • MRI—allows for import of MARC records from vendors
  • SSO—allows secure authentication into the application

What kinds of multimedia resources can I manage using SydneyDigital?

You can manage and share all your organizational intelligence, no matter where it resides, or what form it takes, e.g.,

  • e-Resources—allows for e-routing of journal issues
  • Images—allows for images to be attached to records and for auto-creation of derived images
  • DMI—allows for PDFs, Word, and other document types to be attached to records

Essentia Program

Enterprise-class solutions “right-sized” for your small-but-mighty organization

Lucidea supports clients with enterprise class museum collections management software, whether you’re large, small, or somewhere-in-between.

Think the power, flexibility and impact of our solutions are beyond your reach? If you’re small-but-mighty, we’ve got you covered with our Essentia program, designed to deliver outstanding value to smaller clients. Everything you need, at a price you can afford.

Training and support…unparalleled and included

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We offer training throughout the life of your partnership with us. Our training sessions help you maximize the value of your investment in our solutions. Our instructors and materials show you how to use SydneyDigital and give you a broad understanding of the system. This foundation enables you to make decisions that ensure SydneyDigital is optimized to fit your organization’s needs.

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Our team of helpful technical experts is available around the clock to solve your technical problems and provide exceptional customer service, 24/7/365.

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