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Current Programs

Essentia Program

Our Essentia program delivers outstanding value to smaller organizations or departments within larger companies. By leveraging the power, features, and benefits of our enterprise-class applications in a right-sized solution, Lucidea is able to provide the essential capabilities you need at a price you can afford. Finally, a program providing small-but-mighty organizations with a scalable, feature-rich solution at a cost tailored to your budget.


  • Available for all Lucidea applications
    • Archives: ArchivEra
    • Knowledge Management: Inmagic Presto
    • Library Automation: SydneyEnterprise and GeniePlus
    • Museums: Argus
  • Leverages the power and flexibility of our LucideaCore and Inmagic Presto platforms
  • Solutions are “right-sized” to fit your functional and financial requirements
  • Options to address changes in functional requirements or growth

Should organizational needs expand, the Essentia program provides easy and cost-effective options for scaling up—so we’re always a match for your requirements.

Think our “Essentia” program may be right for you? Please contact us and we’ll be delighted to explore your options.

Lucidea’s Evergreen Program

Your Upgrade Path for Continuity of Value

Our ILS, KM and Collections Management products are built to stand the test of time. We know that as a DB/TextWorks, SydneyPLUS, Genie, Cuadra, or Eloquent user, you love your system—and in many cases you’ve felt that way about it for several years.

With new technologies and techniques, we’ve built a portfolio of even more powerful solutions. In order to ensure that all our valued clients benefit from these new products, we have introduced the Evergreen program—an upgrade program designed to enable clients to leverage the value of their investments and migrate to our newest, most innovative solutions.

Our Evergreen program delivers an upgrade path that allows users of our classic Library, Archives, KM and Museum products to retain the value of their investment and take advantage of the power, features, benefits and innovations of our latest solutions, including:

  • SydneyEnterprise
  • GeniePlus
  • Inmagic Presto
  • PrestoWorks
  • ArchivEra
  • Argus

Evergreen Program Benefits:

  • Inclusive, available to all customers (all types, sizes and budgets)
    • Archives
    • Knowledge Centers
    • Museums
    • Special Libraries
  • Continually addresses changing requirements (e.g., functional, security or growth)
  • Ensures compatibility with the latest browsers, operating systems, and mobile devices
  • Available at similar cost (e.g. current maintenance or subscription fee)
  • Leverages the flexibility of our Essentia program as appropriate

Our Evergreen program allows us to provide our global clients, large, small, or somewhere-in-between, with the most advanced ILS, KM, and Collections Management applications available. Choosing an Evergreen upgrade path ensures access to the most current and advanced features, user interface, security, and functionality—and allows you to proactively manage technology compatibility and avoid situations requiring expensive emergency upgrades.

If you’re a current DB/TextWorks, Genie, SydneyPLUS, Cuadra, or Eloquent user and would like to take advantage of the features, capabilities, performance and security of our most current solutions, our Evergreen program may be right for you. Please contact us and we’ll be delighted to explore your upgrade options.

You have options. New technology, new capabilities, new security, similar cost. Evergreen.

Latest Incentives

BRANCH OUT Incentive Program

Are you planning to purchase a new ILS, KM, or Collections Management system, or upgrade your existing Lucidea solution? Let us help you branch out; we can support your strategy for Spring 2023 with exciting benefits!

Lucidea continues on our successful path with more new clients and many exciting product enhancements, driven both by our understanding of the sectors we serve and by client requests and suggestions. We have recently delivered new offerings such as our Argus Android App, and exciting new capabilities, including our Showcase feature—and there are more innovations coming your way this year.

To share our success and optimism for what’s coming next with existing and prospective clients, we’re offering a BRANCH OUT promotion!

Here’s your chance to BRANCH OUT with the purchase of new ILS, KM, or Collections Management software—or an upgrade to your existing Lucidea solution—and ensure your organization takes advantage of valuable discounts and benefits.

How will you leverage an ILS, KM system, or CMS (in an increasingly virtual environment) to build your web presence, and expand and engage your audience? Branch out! Then make your purchase and enable your organization to spring forward with the gift of our valuable incentives.

UNTIL May 31st, 2023 we’re offering promotions to prospective special library, knowledge center, archives, or museum clients who want to purchase a Lucidea system, or would like to upgrade their current product(s) to one of Lucidea’s exciting new solutions.

Take advantage of valuable benefits, which may include:

  • Cost savings
  • Access to optional features at modest or no cost
  • Modest or no-cost implementation and migration service packages

Enjoy powerful, innovative operational and end-user benefits—and let your budding ideas for a great ILS, CMS, or KM system implementation bloom while branching out to a market-leading and cost saving solution.



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