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GeniePlus is for special librarians who are increasingly asked to deliver more with less. It enables agile libraries to overcome information discovery and delivery challenges.

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Automate and Manage your Library to Seamlessly Fit your Organization’s Needs

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By combining Inmagic Genie’s flexible usability and our powerful LucideaCore KM technology platform, GeniePlus helps you tackle your growing information discovery and delivery challenges with less effort.

Comprehensive Library and KM Capabilities

Optimize your library workflow and services with features that enable staff to be more accurate and effective. Information managers can quickly and easily create new knowledge repositories with custom metadata structures and unique workflows, and publish data via secure, client-configured web portals. This allows you to build, design and launch an OPAC or portal that is a precise fit for your organization’s needs.

Build a Collection of Any/All Content Types

Capture, organize and share your critical knowledge, no matter what form it takes. GeniePlus offers comprehensive collection management tools that make it easy to manage books, images, eJournals, videos and other media.

Turn Search Tools Into Finding Tools

GeniePlus makes it easy to link critical information in multiple formats, delivering better insights. With GeniePlus you can enable your users to find critical information and expose them to content that they might never have found using traditional search methods.

Access Critical Knowledge Wherever it Resides

GeniePlus enables you to create a single authoritative source for your organization’s knowledge assets. Easily integrate GeniePlus with any internal and external information repositories, including in-house applications, portals and 3rd party databases.

Connect people with the content they need, when they need it

GeniePlus’ intuitive interface, one-touch navigation, and customizable workflows make it easy to get into every corner of your database. Enable users to browse intelligently, and accelerate the capture, organization and sharing process, delivering content at the point of need.

Get in touch with us!Our team of industry experts can answer your specific questions, evaluate your needs and show you what GeniePlus can do for your library.

Increase the value of your content

GeniePlus makes it easy for you to manage subscription resources and services effectively. For example, GeniePlus’ comprehensive eJournal management allows you to quickly and easily set up routing parameters.

Request management

Lucidea’s feature-rich Request Management Solution offers end-to-end capabilities that take you seamlessly from request capture, to assignment and resource allocation, to collaboration, documentation, to requester communication—and finally to automatic creation of a database for reuse and reporting—all within a single venue.

Empowering knowledge that informs action

GeniePlus Analytics Dashboard

Lucidea’s Analytics Dashboard is built to instantly deliver real-time critical data you need to monitor and manage departmental performance, with details and trend analysis that drive optimal decision-making. Spend time strategizing, not searching—and tell your story of operational performance and productivity in language business leaders understand.

Configure the way that works best for you

GeniePlus’ unlimited extension and configuration options helps you meet the needs of staff and end users as the organization grows and/or changes – without depending heavily on IT. Customize the user experience, add fields for new content, and modify workflows with the easy configuration settings to suit your needs—now and in the future.

Built with LucideaCore

LucideaCore is the culmination of 20 years’ worldwide experience serving thousands of organizations in multiple industries, combined with intensive R&D.

LucideaCore applications help special librarians create and deliver valuable, user friendly information resources driven by a powerful KM engine.

Integrate with your current system and resources

GeniePlus offers unlimited extension and configuration options helps you meet the needs of staff and end users as the organization grows and/or changes – without depending heavily on IT. Customize the user experience, add fields for new content, and modify workflows with the easy configuration settings to suit your needs – now and in the future.

GeniePlus Use Cases

Tracking Valuable Assets

A large (100K+ employees) agribusiness company needs to track valuable physical assets used in various corporate facilities and occasionally lent to public institutions. They created a custom database used to track asset location and produce reports pertaining to asset history, enabling broader access and better collection management.

Search and Publish

A major global consumer goods company needs to store and publish critical health and safety information. They were able to easily create a new database that meets key regulatory requirements and also provides custom fields to store the metadata required for fast search and retrieval.

Share Key Information

An industry leading biotechnology company needs to capture and share key reports, study findings and lab notes while observing strict data security. They built a custom database used to efficiently capture this information and share it easily with guaranteed permissions management via the organization’s intranet.

Training and support… unparalleled and included

We offer training throughout the life of your partnership with us, helping you maximize the value of your investment in our solutions. Our instructors and materials show you how to fully leverage GeniePlus, ensuring that the application is optimized to fit your organization’s needs.

Our team of experienced technical experts is available to solve your technical problems and provide exceptional customer service, 24/7/365.

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