Everything archivists need to manage and showcase precious materials

Eloquent Archives enables archivists to build their database of legal and historical material, both physical and digital, and express it online for public viewing, while effectively managing workflow from accessioning to requests.

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Create a dynamic resource

This mobile-friendly, browser-agnostic archives management solution has all the powerful features you expect, plus it allows you to quickly go public with your most interesting collections and offer material about current and future events to attract public interest—making your archives a dynamic resource.

Comprehensive archives management system that enhances everything from accessioning to online public access

Process a backlog of accessions quickly, describe materials meeting professional standards, include all types of digital assets, manage and monitor research requests, track and retrieve from storage, and make the public access window part of your organizational website.

Effective Stewardship of all Materials

Leverage the value of having only one place to store and manage all your archives; no matter what media type or security level.

Single Venue, Expanded Discovery

Offer access to archival materials via a seamless extension of your website; include an auto-published historical timeline that enables users to click links that drop them off in your live database, where they can discover additional and related material.

Your Archives Should be a Dynamic Resource

Include material about current and future events—attract and build public interest, and make archives come alive for stakeholders.

Historical timeline

Enter pictures and event descriptions to a timeline and link these records to any number of related descriptive records. This publishing process creates an attractive timeline and posts it on the Internet. Users can scroll up and down the events and links you include will take them to related items in your database; this process can be scheduled to auto-publish weekly.

Membership module

Researchers can register themselves as members with a unique name, email and password; they then log in for a wide variety of additional privileges, including viewing account status, entering requests directly into the database, tagging photographs and commenting on descriptive records (crowdsourcing). All of this activity can be screened by a moderator.

Digital rendering

Clients use a mobile device or desktop computer and their favorite browser to render all the digital content in your collections, no matter the type – audio, photos, video, flip books, large maps and drawings, eBooks, PDFs, websites, and more.

Our team of experts can answer your specific questions, evaluate your needs and show you what Eloquent Archives can do for you or put you into a better fitting solution.

Research management

Record and track requests researchers send to your archives. Maintain demographic information on researchers, and link requests and supporting materials with requesters. Respond to and track freedom of information (FOI) requests.

EAD export

Export descriptive records in EAD/XML format for import into another system. Exported records are ready to load into a library system or other federated archives database, and link back to the Eloquent Archives database for access to the lower levels. Researchers in those systems will enjoy seamless access to your Eloquent Archives database, where they can navigate to all related material as well as conduct additional searches.

Technical support… unparalleled and included

Our team of helpful technical experts is available around the clock to solve your technical problems and provide exceptional customer service, 24/7/365.

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