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June| Upcoming Tradeshows

Washington Museums Association

June 12-14

Vancouver, WA

Amplify the impact of your collections with the museum CMS that helps you engage, inspire, and educate your visitors


Collections Trust - Choosing Collections Software

June 13th

Virtual Exhibition Space

Choose our unrivaled CMS for community outreach, engagement, and inclusion


Canadian Association of Law Libraries

June 25-28


Use our stellar ILS & KM software to collaborate with your colleagues and build sector-based knowledge


June| Upcoming New/Live Webinars


Margot Note presents:

Harnessing Marketing Strategies for Archival Services

June 12, 2024
11 am – 12 pm PT

Join us for Harnessing Marketing Strategies for Archival Services; this is the next free Lucidea webinar presented by archives expert, author, and consultant Margot Note.

Don’t miss out, reserve your spot!


Stan Garfield presents:

Profiles in Knowledge Part Four

June 27, 2024
11 am – 12 pm PT

Lucidea presents “Profiles in Knowledge Part four” the last of four free webinars based on Stan Garfield’s upcoming book, Profiles in Knowledge.

Don’t miss out, reserve your spot!

June| On-Demand Feature Webinars


SydneyEnterprise; 360⁰ Integration

This webinar gives an overview of how SydneyEnterprise Integrated Library System (ILS) enables you to integrate library content with internal databases and systems, 3rd party resources, and search engines for a curated 360 degree view of critical knowledge.


Creating the Ultimate Knowledge Center: Unlocking the Vault

The webinar focuses on unlocking the knowledge and intellectual property often locked in the DMS, records management system, or other enterprise data “vaults.” We show you how organizations are tackling this issue and we will review the specific benefits they achieved.


Margot Note Presents:

Fully Leveraging Collections Management Systems

This webinar offers guidance on fully leveraging archival CMS benefits, both expected and unexpected, from expert Margot Note covers such topics as: maximizing value, mobile technology, analyzing data, following user interests, and long term viability


Creating and Managing Hierarchies: Constructing Hierarchical Descriptions with Ease

Learn how to Create and Manage Hierarchies, Your Way with ArchivEra archival collections management software in this free webinar where you’ll see how to create, organize, visualize, and present archival hierarchies with easy drag and drop functionality and powerful features.


Rachael Woody Presents:

How to Fund Your Next Museum Digital Project

Expert Rachael Cristine Woody’s webinar “How to Fund Your Next Museum Digital Project” covers Who Funds Museum Digital Projects, Constructing a Fundable Museum Digital Project, Calculating an Appropriately Sized Funding Request, Creating a Grant Writing Roadmap, and Achieving Funding Readiness


Why a Powerful CMS is Essential to Your Museum’s Digital Infrastructure

Join Marcus and Rima from Lucidea to learn more about why a full-featured CMS like Argus is an essential component of a museum’s digital infrastructure. The presentation addresses the backend and public-facing capabilities of Argus, as well as how it integrates within organization’s digital environment.

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