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January 26, 2022

11 AM – 12 PM PST

Margot Note presents:

Reach New Archival Audiences: Create a Community

Join us for “Reach New Archival Audiences: Create a Community”, the first free Lucidea webinar in our new series, The Four Cs of Reaching New Audiences, presented by archives expert, author, and consultant Margot Note.

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JANUARY | On-Demand Webinars


A Unified ILS KM Approach 7 Keys to Unlocking the Power

In this webinar, you will see how SydneyEnterprise hands over the 7 Keys that allow you to Unlock the Power of a Unified ILS/KM Approach.

Stan Garfield Presents:

Selling KM—Improve Continuously

In this free webinar, Stan will describe proven methods for continuously improving your KM program so that it’s always seen as fresh, innovative and evolving to meet users’ needs.


Getting from Zero to KM in 30 Minutes!

This webinar will show you how you can achieve KM results fast, and with minimal IT involvement. By treating KM as a journey of continuous improvement rather than a one-time IT project, and by focusing on rapid delivery of tangible results, organizations secure early support and deliver value from KM systems -ensuring their long term success.


Museum Collections Management Update: Achieve More Than You Imagine, In Less Time Than You Expect

This webinar will demonstrate how Argus, an innovative and purpose-built collections management solution, can streamline museum workflow with amazing tools and capabilities.

Rachael Cristine Woody Presents

How to Make the Case for a (Better) Museum CMS

Join us for “How to Make the Case for a (Better) Museum CMS”, the first webinar in museum expert and consultant Rachael Cristine Woody’s new series on Collections Management Systems.


Creating and Managing Hierarchies – Constructing Hierarchical Descriptions with Ease

Hierarchically challenged? Attend Constructing Hierarchical Descriptions with Ease. ArchivEra, Lucidea’s innovative and purpose-built archival collections management solution, can come to your rescue!

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