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The Lucidea Story

Redefining how knowledge is shared…for over 30 years

Why We Do What We Do

We know that knowledge workers thrive within their organizations and profession by adapting to challenges, acting based on best practices, and creating change. We also know that librarians and knowledge managers, along with collections managers and archivists, are continually asked to deliver more with less – smaller budgets, fewer staff, and possibly even less physical space. Founder and CEO Ron Aspe built Lucidea on the belief that information-intensive companies need flexible tools that fit unique requirements and deliver visible, tangible results. Librarians, collections managers, archivists and knowledge managers can only do more with more: we get that.

We want to help people tasked with the challenge of managing knowledge resources to deliver more content, more services, and more value, while being innovative and increasingly relevant. That’s why we do what we do.

What We Do

Our products help clients redefine how knowledge is shared. We provide applications and business process expertise that empowers information intensive organizations to easily collect, organize and leverage important knowledge assets. Our 6 Principles guide us in developing products that improve organization, accessibility, ease of use and delivery of information to the people who need this knowledge most – employees and customers. Everything we offer our clients embodies one or more of the following: access; discovery; independence; integration; security, or partnership. Results for our clients include higher employee productivity, lower operational costs and increased customer satisfaction. Helping achieve those results through optimized knowledge sharing is what we do.

Our History

For over 30 years, Ron Aspe has followed his vision and strategy of giving information intensive companies a full service partner that meets their special and unique needs in the knowledge management space. This strategy has included growing both organically and via acquisitions, and has enabled Lucidea to achieve double-digit growth and build a global customer base serving more than 3,000 clients in more than 50 countries. Ron has successfully led eight acquisitions in the library automation, collections management and KM space, making Lucidea’s products the most comprehensive suite of solutions available to companies, no matter what their size and stage of growth.

Lucidea’s Timeline:

  • 1989 – SydneyPLUS
  • 2003 – Incite Software Solutions (ISS)
  • 2007 – LawPort
  • 2008 – Cuadra
  • 2010 – Questor (ARGUS)
  • 2010 – LookUp Precision
  • 2011 – Inmagic DB/TextWorks
  • 2012 – Inmagic Presto
  • 2013 – Lucidea Corporation

Our Future

We are driven to develop tools and partnerships that enable knowledge workers in libraries, information centers, museums and archives to adapt, act and thrive. Lucidea will continue its focus on delivering a fully integrated suite of purpose-built products that make knowledge resources more accessible yet easier to manage. With the strong partnerships we have with our clients and our dedication to innovation, our future looks bright.

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