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Case Studies

Small Library; Big Impact; Exciting Plans

The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) is a national professional organization with a $45.5 million budget representing more than 95,000 members.

For the APTA Knowledge Services team, it’s critical that they leverage technology to deliver a big impact and operational efficiency. Learn why APTA uses Inmagic Presto for digitizing their entire library collection and moving all subscriptions to electronic/document delivery.

APTA Challenges, Inmagic Presto Solutions:

  • Eliminate cataloging backlog and improve accuracy with data import and batch modify
  • Centralized access to all APTA knowledge resources, internal and external
  • Taxonomic search and navigation in tandem with crowdsourced tagging

PFTA & Inmagic Presto for DB/TextWorks—Spreading the Word to Increase Workplace Safety, Minimize Risk

PFTA has geographically distributed staff, including researchers. Where once it was easy for people to walk down the hall to the Library, remote access to resources via the Web became critical. Budget constraints made implementation of a Web solution impossible, until Inmagic unveiled Presto for DB/TextWorks. Per Ms. Dean, this happened at just the right time as the requirement for remote access became even more acute, and at the right price.

Trade Association Challenges, Inmagic Presto for DB/TextWorks Solutions:

  • Powerful and easy customization options
  • Remote access for staff and network members
  • Reinforces association brand identity
  • Cost effective and vendor hosted (SaaS)

A Winning Combination: Genie and Presto Meet the Goals

SGH trusts Lucidea to deliver access to the most current engineering information staff must have, in all formats, without regard to geographic or time constraints, and be able to share it with each other on demand.

SGH Results, Inmagic Presto and Genie Impact

  • Consolidated access to all SGH knowledge assets for all staff
  • Increased collaboration and information sharing
  • Metrics leading to improved service, targeted collection development

CTR and Lucidea—Results, Relevance and Reputation

In a given year, CTR administers between 150 and 200 research projects and interagency contracts with combined budgets exceeding $12 million. The CTR Library contains all reports published by the Center and serves as an official depository of the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) Research Program. The entire collection contains an additional 17,000+ titles of other transportation-related research from different agencies, for a total collection of more than 30,000 print volumes. Open access full-text links are provided for nearly 50% of the collection. To manage this collection, CTR uses Lucidea’s Inmagic Presto.

Why NASA Relies on Presto for Mission Safety

NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, launched in the late 1950s with the mission to pioneer the future in space exploration, scientific discovery, and aeronautics research. While NASA is based in Washington, D.C., its daily activities take place in laboratories, air fields, wind tunnels, control rooms, and other testing sites around the U.S. The agency’s work in aerospace exploration and defense necessitates that it handle massive amounts of vital information and images.

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