Lucidea’s Lens: Knowledge Management Thought Leaders Part 7 – Susan Hanley

Stan Garfield

Stan Garfield

May 12, 2022
Susan Hanley is one of the leading experts on using Office 365 and SharePoint for knowledge management and collaboration, emphasizing the people side of this widely used technology.

As the founder and president of Susan Hanley LLC, she helps clients implement successful solutions that have a flexible and maintainable information architecture, an effective governance plan, a realistic plan for measuring results, and reflect a design and implementation strategy that promotes user adoption.

Before forming Susan Hanley LLC, Sue led the Portals, Collaboration, and Content Management practice at Dell Professional Services (formerly Plural, Inc.). She joined Plural (which was acquired by Dell in 2003) after more than 18 years of consulting experience at American Management Systems, Inc. (AMS). In 1995, she became the first Director of Knowledge Management for AMS, a position she held for five years. Sue also helped develop AMS’s knowledge management consulting practice. Her areas of expertise include information architecture, knowledge management, governance, user adoption, and business value metrics.


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Essential SharePoint 2013: Practical Guidance for Meaningful Business Results with Scott Jamison and Chris Bortlik

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Your Reading Journey

Part I: Planning

  • Chapter 2: Planning Your Solution Strategy – Sample Chapter
  • Chapter 3: Introducing the SharePoint 2013 Platform
  • Chapter 4: Planning for Business Governance
  • Chapter 5: Planning for Operational Governance
  • Chapter 6: Planning Your Information Architecture
  • Chapter 7: Planning Your Adoption Strategy
  • Chapter 8: Developing a Value Measurement Strategy
  • Chapter 9: Understanding Architecture Fundamentals
  • Chapter 10: Planning Your Upgrade
  • Chapter 11: Taking SharePoint to the Cloud
  • Chapter 12: Planning Security

Part II: Optimizing

  • Chapter 13: Managing Enterprise Content
  • Chapter 14: Managing Web Content
  • Chapter 15: Planning for Social Computing
  • Chapter 16: Planning Enterprise Search
  • Chapter 17: Planning Business Solutions
  • Chapter 18: Planning for Business Intelligence
  • Chapter 19: Planning for Mobility
  • Chapter 20 Integrating Office Applications
  • Appendix: Content You Can Reuse

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Knowledge-based Communities of Practice at AMS

Key Points – The Communities of Practice promote knowledge-sharing by:

  • Recognizing individual achievement: associates must be nominated to join the program; nomination criteria recognize both interest and experience.
  • Building group identity: branding through business cards and community events; virtual coffee room created for each community.
  • Motivating and rewarding participation: top contributors recognized; performance appraisal system rewards knowledge-sharing.
  • Celebrating successes: conferences and awards; reporting the top ten re-used contributions.
  • Delivering value for individual: examples libraries; Know Hotline; instant peer group – especially important for new hires; networking/growth opportunity.
  • Delivering value for the company: enhanced knowledge-sharing; improved client relationships; faster, more effective proposals.
  • Delivering value for clients: each client engagement team leverages the collective knowledge and experience of everyone.
Stan Garfield

Stan Garfield

Please enjoy  Stan’s blog posts offering advice and insights drawn from many years as a KM practitioner. You may also want to download a copy of his book, Proven Practices for Implementing a Knowledge Management Program, from Lucidea Press.  And learn about Lucidea’s  Presto and SydneyEnterprise with KM capabilities to support successful knowledge curation and sharing.

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