KM Component 48 – E-learning

Stan Garfield

Stan Garfield

March 10, 2022

E-learning consists of tools that enable the delivery and tracking of online training courses.

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation, and delivery of educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs. The LMS concept emerged directly from E-learning.

Learning is one of the basic activities of knowledge management. Organizations usually have a Learning & Development function as part of Human Resources, and it is responsible for a wide range of employee development, including classroom instruction and online learning. KM programs sometimes report into this function with the goal of better integrating knowledge reuse with learning.

E-learning is important to a KM initiative in several ways. KM training is an important people component, and e-learning can be used to deliver it. Integrating content from knowledge repositories into e-learning can improve its effectiveness. Delivering e-learning along with knowledge content returned through searches or through browsing can enhance the usefulness of the results and better leverage training content. Tracking training which employees have taken can help suggest new offerings they should consider as part of a specific knowledge requirement and as part of their ongoing development.

E-learning systems are examples of tools that enable demand for knowledge. E-learning allows users to learn at their convenience and at the time of need.

Video recordings can be helpful in showing how a process is actually performed. It is a good idea to enable videos to be delivered through standard e-learning systems.

If your KM program is part of the Learning & Development function, then you will have strong incentives to tightly couple the two environments. If not, then look for opportunities to establish ties to that function, and explore possible points of integration which will be mutually beneficial. At a minimum, provide a link to the organization’s e-learning tool as part of the standard navigation bar in the KM user interface.


For additional information on E-learning and LMS software, these resources will be helpful.

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Stan Garfield

Stan Garfield

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