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Success Stories

Lehi Historical Society and Archives

ArchivEra + Great Collector + Enthusiastic Organizer = Serious Impact

Lehi Historical Society and Archives Director, Ms. Lara Bangerter, discusses the Society’s implementation of ArchivEra, detailing how they leverage it to deliver public access to their collections, expand their digital archives, and enhance their content.

The Children’s Museum of Oak Ridge

Promises, Purpose, and Partnership

CMOR’s current director, Beth Shea, knew the museum needed to develop a strategy for how to preserve the collection in perpetuity. CMOR’s ArchivEra implementation solved the requirements for a SaaS solution, technology in perpetuity, public access, automated import, and minimal training.

The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Moving Beyond the Archival Collections Management Status Quo

ArchivEra enabled Ms. Wise and her colleague to harness the collections before the move. They could finally embark on a full-scale inventory, and because all their materials went on to the shelves in collection order, “one tool that captures all our information will be the ‘go-to’ source for anything and everything.”

The Daughters of Charity Provincial Archives

Stories of Service, Enduring, Accessible, and Timeless

Prior to their implementation of ArchivEra, collections records were captured in various databases and Excel sheets, and many other types of files. Per Mr. Keefer, “We knew that we were able to assist researchers, but we also knew that we were missing things and doing a disservice to our researchers.

AAFP Foundation Center for the History of Family Medicine

Documenting Family Medicine, From Word to Web

Crystal Bauer, MLS, is the Manager of the Center for the History of Family Medicine, and as a solo archivist with the part-time support of three volunteers and a yearly internship, drives that vision and mission forward—now with a solid foundation enabled by the ArchivEra collections management system.

Echuca Historical Society

Small Staff, Big Impact: Preserving the Past with ArchivEra Essentia

Echuca Historical Society was able to take advantage of Lucidea’s Essentia Program, which makes high-end solutions affordable because it is tailored to the budgets of small-but-mighty organizations and/or departments, with solutions “right-sized” to fit their financial and functional requirements.

Women’s Military Memorial

Significance and Storytelling, with ArchivEra

Per Ms. Poe, the platform switch [to ArchivEra] gave them an opportunity to move to an industry standard archival CMS with extensible and stable technology. In addition to the all-important public access, their wish list for the new system included robust intellectual control and record keeping, with granular rights and location management, and full accessioning and processing capabilities.

City of Regina Archives

A Modern View of a City’s History via ArchivEra

Dana Turgeon, Historical Information & Preservation Supervisor, told us their choice of ArchivEra was straightforward. They were already satisfied Lucidea clients through an earlier archival CMS, and the procurement department considered the migration as an upgrade to an existing asset. Given that ArchivEra more than met their new strategic and operational requirements, they licensed the software- as-a service (SaaS) version…

White Papers

Digital Sustainability: The Archivist’s Path Forward

A whitepaper for archivists with expert guidance on how to ensure archives’ digital sustainability by going beyond traditional archival methods.

Read an archives whitepaper written by expert, consultant, author, and Lucidea guest-blogger, Margot Note. Keys to Digital Sustainability: The Archivist’s Path Forward offers expert guidance on how to ensure archives’ digital sustainability by going beyond traditional archival methods to save digital assets— whether they are born digital or digitized.

Per Ms. Note, “A sustainable approach to archives recognizes that the technologies used today are not permanent solutions, but merely tools that archivists and users will use to facilitate access in the future. Digital sustainability plans for future access and use, but also recognizes the exigencies of current demands within archival repositories.”


The Archives and Collections Management Primer

Archivists preserve records enduring value, digitize them, leverage archives collections management, digitization, various archival projects.

Archives (or Archival) Collections Management System Primer

Archivists use archival collections management systems (CMS) like ArchivEra to make collections accessible to digital visitors and improve workflow.


Digital Preservation Without Tears

By Margot Note

Digital Preservation Without Tears offers guidance from Margot Note, a seasoned archives expert and consultant. No one can understand all digital preservation concepts, tools, and actions. Readers of this volume will develop an awareness of digital preservation concepts, the ability to communicate issues, and a basis for further study. In a field of emerging best practices, this book strives to be a useful introduction to digital preservation. As the field codifies techniques, archivists should act now. No matter how small a step, implementing digital preservation activities helps support historical assets for long-term access.

The Archivists’ Advantage: Choosing the Right Collections Management System

By Margot Note

The Archivists’ Advantage: Choosing the Right Collections Management System offers advice from Margot Note, a seasoned archives expert and consultant, with significant experience in heritage organizations as both a practitioner and advisor. This book is for archivists engaging with the process of selecting an archival collections management system for the first time, or seeking to replace an existing CMS to address changing needs.


Demystifying Archival Projects: Five Essentials for Success

By Margot Note

Demystifying Archival Projects: Five Essentials for Success will benefit archivists who lead or participate in projects without formal project management training. As work in archives continues to become more project-driven, educational and professional development opportunities for archivists have not kept pace. This book aims to provide the needed information—just enough project management methodology—to bridge that knowledge gap.

The Digital Decisive Moment: Transformative Digitization Practices

By Margot Note

The Digital Decisive Moment: Transformative Digitization Practices from archives expert, consultant, and author Margot Note provides a foundation related to digitizing historical materials. It intends to be a reference for institutions converting resources to digital form while maintaining both analog and digital collections. The book advocates integrated initiatives, from selection to access to preservation, emphasizing the intersection of objectives and applications. Readers will learn to define their project needs, evaluate their options, and manage the digitization process.

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