Visualize, Customize, Optimize; The Woodstock Museum & Argus

March 18, 2022

The Woodstock Museum National Historic Site is a community museum in Ontario, Canada dedicated to interpreting the past, present and future through conservation, education and exhibition of local history. 

The museum’s collections tell Woodstock’s story, up through the present day, and consist of 25,000 artifacts, including 13,000 photographs, and 3,500 archival objects such as posters, magazines, catalogs, and letters. Their collection is managed and made publicly accessible with the support of Lucidea’s Argus collections management system.

Curator Adam Pollard is a solo practitioner who manages the Argus CMS and all the museum exhibits. He told us that Argus allows him to work “proactively and progressively”—for today’s museums, it’s essential to keep up with (and apply) technology that enables museum professionals to visualize, customize, and optimize access to collections and services. For the Woodstock Museum NHS, Argus more than meets that challenge. Mr. Pollard explained “The great thing about Argus is that there are so many possibilities and tools. And because you have the tools, you are free to think about new ways to make the system work better and better to suit your museum’s unique needs.”  

We enjoyed a detailed conversation with Mr. Pollard about the Woodstock Museum’s implementation of Argus, and exactly how it enables him to customize and optimize access to collections and services. We invite you to read their full success story here.

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