GeniePlus Integrated Library System Integrated Library System

Built for Agile Libraries

GeniePlus enables special librarians with small library resources to deliver large library impact!

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— Introducing GeniePlus —

Automate and Manage Your Library to fit Your Organization’s Evolving Needs

Tackle Your Growing Information Discovery and Delivery Challenges with Less Effort.

GeniePlus Integrated Library System by Lucidea

Comprehensive library and knowledge management capabilities make it easy to build, design and launch an OPAC or portal that precisely fits your organization’s needs

Build a collection of virtually any content—no matter what format your critical knowledge takes: capture, organize and share it

Enable users to easily find critical information; expose content that cannot be found using traditional search methods

Unlimited extension and configuration options help meet the needs of staff and end users as the organization grows and/or changes—without depending heavily on IT

Offer mobile support so users can access information whenever they need it, wherever they are, via whatever device they choose

Increase the value of your content. For example, the comprehensive eJournal management in GeniePlus allows you to quickly and easily set up routing parameters

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