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What is

Inmagic Presto

Create a single venue for managing, finding and sharing organizational knowledge resources. Inmagic Presto makes it easy to connect people with the information they need, so they can spend less time searching and more time doing.

Inmagic Presto is a knowledge management platform that helps organizations capture, access and distribute information to improve effectiveness. Inmagic Presto represents a fundamentally new approach to information and knowledge management, enabling a true 360-degree view of your organization’s knowledge and allowing you to easily:

  • Consolidate heterogeneous information into a single repository
  • Search both internal (e.g., corporate IP) as well as external (e.g., subscription databases) information at the same time
  • Proactively publish top-down vetted information
  • Leverage the “wisdom of the community” to enhance corporate knowledge via bottom-up social capabilities
  • Perform information discovery via search, browsable directories or alerts
Watch to get a high-level sense of what Imagic Presto brings to knowledge management.

Key Benefits

Deliver a Unified Knowledge Center

Integrate with both internal and external information repositories, including in-house applications, portals and 3rd party databases.

Create Social Knowledge Networks

Encourage users to act on content and add value via Inmagic Presto’s social features, such as tagging, liking, commenting and rating.

Turn Searching into Finding

Enable your users to find critical information and expose them to content that they might never have found using traditional search methods.

What’s new in Inmagic Presto 5.2

  • Events calendar—display a calendar on the homepage that pulls information from records using the Date and Time field
  • Saved Search Widget—new option for homepage preconfigured hits list
  • Ability to Save a URL for a Search Query—create permalinks for searches; easily copy>paste>share
  • Wildcard Searching—use * anywhere in the search string
  • Computed Values—easily find records based on numbers of attachments or URL
  • Additional Responsive Screen Layouts—any device, any browser; useful for older templates
  • Google Books Display Covers—use ISBN to display covers in the hits lists; attractive, easy to see

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Who is


Lucidea is a knowledge management software and solutions company that provides applications and business process know–how to help information intensive organizations easily collect, organize, and leverage their institutional knowledge. Our products improve accessibility and use of information assets for the people who need this knowledge most—employees and customers—resulting in higher productivity, lower operational costs, and increased customer satisfaction. With a global client base of more than 2,300 active clients in more than 50 countries, Lucidea is the largest provider of knowledge management solutions and library automation solutions to corporations, law firms, non–profits, government agencies, and heritage institutions worldwide.

Success Stories

From organizations like yours

University of Windsor, Paul Martin Law Library

A Template for Knowledge Management Success

The University of Windsor Law Library provided a KM solution to their problem of policy creation, organization and documentation, with Inmagic Presto.

The American Physical Therapy Association

Small Library; Big Impact; Exciting Plans

The American Physical Therapy Association manages a collection of ~15,000 print resources and it’s critical that the Knowledge Services team leverage technology as they digitize the entire library collection and moving all subscriptions to electronic/document delivery.

The Center for Transportation Research

CTR and Lucidea − Results, Relevance and Reputation

The Center for Transportation Research (CTR) is a multidisciplinary and multimodal research institute at the University of Texas at Austin. CTR administers between 150 and 200 research projects and interagency contracts with combined budgets exceeding $12 million; the CTR library contains all reports published by the Center and their goal is to provide online public access to their significant body of transportation research and resources.



The Power of Transformative, Integrated, Measurable Request Management

During our SLA Hot Topics Session, “Transformative, Integrated, Measurable Request Management”, panelists explored ways to optimize research and request workflow, including how to capture and interpret powerful metrics. Handling research requests is the most visible thing that special librarians do, but unfortunately the significant positive impact on the organization can be easily ignored.

This whitepaper presents information shared during the event, with valuable insights, regarding:

  • the importance of transparency in the request management process
  • how to select the “right” metrics and express them through management reports
  • real world examples of the power of evidence-based decision-making.

Don’t Just Be Integral: Be Aligned

During our SLA Hot Topics Session, “Don’t Just Be Integral, Be Aligned”, the panelists focused on how special librarians can go beyond being integral to their clients’ daily workflow, and become (and remain) aligned with organizational imperatives. Panelists discussed fundamental questions, such as:

  • Why is it important to be aligned with your organization’s mission?
  • What are the benefits and value of being aligned—to the organization, to the library, to the individual?
  • How can you speak the language of your organization’s leadership and why is that important?

They covered topics such as prioritizing and delegating projects based on alignment, strategies for partnering with and leveraging other departments, and practicing alignment without guilt.

This whitepaper presents information shared during the event, with valuable insights—including practical approaches to emulating an “aligned” strategy even when resources are limited.

Don’t Just Be Integrated: Be Integral

During our SLA Hot Topics Session, “Don’t Just Be Integrated, Be Integral”, panelists focused on how special librarians go beyond integration with organizational imperatives to become integral to organizational success.

Success includes doing more with tools you have and skills you’ve built. Sometimes, “doing more” means becoming “embedded”: evolving beyond subject matter expertise to becoming a truly critical organizational resource.

Panelists responded to questions like:

  • What are characteristics of an embedded librarian?
  • What are benefits and value of being embedded?
  • How can you communicate the value of being embedded?

We present information from the event, combined with valuable insights from panelist interviews conducted in advance—including practical approaches to emulating an “aligned” strategy when resources are limited.

What Does Success Look Like for the Special Library?

Special librarians know that to ensure sustainability they must build a strategy, embrace change, and even create it. They know that the path to success includes doing more with the tools they have, and the skills they’ve built. But do special librarians truly recognize success when they achieve it? Equally important, do they focus on communicating the value of their success to leadership and peers?

Stephen Abram and our panelists discussed important questions, such as:

  • What are the characteristics of a successful special library?
  • How do you know when you are successful?
  • How do you make sure others know you are successful?
  • How do you communicate the value of success?
  • What are the benefits of success?

Our experts covered topics such as alignment with the strategic objectives of your organization, metrics and measurement (quantitative and qualitative), managerial reporting, storytelling, branding and marketing.

Doing More with More: You Can’t Shrink Your Way to Success

You cannot shrink your way to success. Special Librarians can only do more, with more.

During our SLA Hot Topics session, “Doing More with More: You Can’t Shrink Your Way to Success,” we focused on the success stories of information professionals who are building their libraries’ influence with an orientation towards abundance, not scarcity.

Attendees heard actionable advice from peers who don’t shrink their way to success but instead fill needs via more powerful technology tools, more access and discovery options, and by doing what it takes to exert more influence on organizational knowledge exchange.

This whitepaper presents information shared during the event, combined with additional valuable insights gained from panelist interviews conducted in preparation for the discussion.

Building the Resilient Library

What does it mean to be resilient, and to run a resilient library?

Special librarians achieve sustainability by understanding that end user requirements and forces at work (e.g. new technologies, globalization and a mobile workforce) all demand change. Learn from Lucidea ILS and KM clients who leverage and often create change in order to ensure the sustainability of their libraries and optimize their own roles.

Topics covered include:

  • What it means to be resilient, and run a resilient library
  • Setting the scene – organizational overviews
  • Leveraging and creating change: practical examples
  • Securing organizational support – what works
  • Examples of impact
  • Characteristics of library change agents

Adapt, Act and Thrive

The current information industry landscape is filled with challenges that require tangible solutions and present real opportunities for success when effectively confronted. Believing that librarians and knowledge managers can face these challenges to “Adapt, Act and Thrive,” Lucidea convened a panel of visionary information professionals for a round table discussion at the 2014 Special Libraries Association conference. Sharing their best practices and success stories, panelists provide information professionals with many tangible examples of how they can adapt to challenges, act, and thrive within their organizations and profession.

Panelists shared their best practices for:

  • Embedding themselves within their organizations
  • Demonstrating value
  • Engaging end users
  • Managing vendor relationships
  • Ensuring and leveraging “info-ubiquity”

Inmagic Knowledge Base

The Inmagic Knowledge Base is a hub for Inmagic users to get product downloads, find support answers through the knowledge base, view the upcoming training schedule, and much more.




Advice and how tos from industry experts

Proven Practices for Promoting a Knowledge Management Program

KM expert, Stan Garfield lays out the essential elements of ensuring the success of your knowledge management program, including how to lay the foundation, the secrets to obtaining early and ongoing leadership commitment, tips for communication strategies that actually do influence and engage your audience, how to assess and leverage technology appropriately, and powerful methods of nurturing a knowledge-sharing culture.

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