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The Portman Archives

Intellectual Control and Alignment with Standards: Portman Archives Imperatives

The Portman Archives manages a diverse range of architectural materials; they digitized their holdings and use SKCA to search and share the collection.

University of Arkansas at Little Rock’s Sequoyah National Research Center

Sequoyah National Research Center Expands Access to its Public Collections

With SKCA, the Sequoyah National Research Center makes its collections accessible to researchers worldwide, opening up vital materials and significantly extending its reach.

Baylor University Library & Archives

Baylor University Library & Archives, and CuadraSTAR SKCA: Inspiration, Discovery and Impact

Baylor University has over 16,000 students, and multiple libraries and archives; they use SKCA to manage 2,500 different archival collections.

Arizona State Library, Archives & Public Records

Arizona State Library, Archives & Public Records and CuadraSTAR SKCA

The Arizona State Archives uses SKCA to manage their collections and provide access to a wide array of materials relating Arizona history.

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CuadraSTAR SKCA Data Sheet

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