Announcing SydneyDigital!

Stellar Library Automation for a Digital-First World

July 01, 2024

We want to let Think Clearly readers know that SydneyEnterprise, the unified ILS and KM platform loved and leveraged by clients all around the world for over 35 years, is now SydneyDigital!

With SydneyDigital, we offer a suite of innovative capabilities that enable Special Librarians and Information Specialists to manage both physical and digital knowledge assets, delivering a single venue for all their organization’s intelligence, no matter where it resides, or what form it takes.

Per Lucidea’s CEO, Ron Aspe, “This change reflects our alignment with the evolution of special libraries toward primarily digital collections, with less emphasis on physical materials.”

We can hear you asking: can I manage physical resources with SydneyDigital?

Yes! Rest assured that SydneyDigital offers all the traditional and advanced library automation features and functions used daily by Sydney ILS users for over 35 years.

Based on our dialogue with clients and prospective clients, we know that Special Librarians increasingly practice their profession in a digital-first environment, and take on more projects and specialties while managing online resources and digital collections.

In keeping with our mission to help our clients “Do More with More”, we bring you SydneyDigital: Stellar library automation purpose-built for Special Librarians’ evolving requirements.

Lucidea offers a full portfolio of market-leading ILS, KM, and Collections Management software, including Argus, ArchivEra, SydneyEnterprise, GeniePlus, Presto, and now SydneyDigital—applications that deliver unrivaled access to organizational collections and knowledge, with solutions for corporations, law firms, government agencies, nonprofits, museums, and archives—of all sizes and budgets, worldwide.

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