Deliver Large Museum Impact with a Small Museum Staff

ArgusEssentia is the perfect Web-based collections management and integrated portal software for small museums and galleries.
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Enhanced Curation and Enriched Experiences for Small Museums

ArgusEssentia enables a small museum staff to deliver large museum impact, offering world class capabilities and the essentials of collections management.

The ArgusEssentia Difference

ArgusEssentia is built for today’s visionary small museum leaders who know that enhanced curation along with significantly expanded outreach and access via the Web enriches the experience for both in person and virtual visitors.

ArgusEssentia delivers the essentials of museum collections management

With the array of Web-based features and capabilities that ArgusEssentia delivers, small museums and galleries can get more than they imagine for less than they expect—and leverage our SaaS (vendor-hosted) solution for worry-free and timely updates/maintenance with no need for internal server expense or IT resources, plus 24/7 live technical support.

Sophisticated Web presence

Dynamic, real-time portal for a rich online presence: open your museum’s doors to the world

Efficient, streamlined workflows

Streamlined workflows, minimal training needed: empower your volunteers and interns and allow staff to spend more time with the collections

Full multi-media support

Enrich curation with file types of all kinds, including images, audio and video—plus full text searchable PDF and Word documents

Expand your Audience, Increase your Collection’s Visibility

ArgusEssentia is designed to combine the most robust traditional collections management capabilities with the power of the Web, for a museum presence that is always innovative, accessible, visible and relevant.

Our team of industry experts can answer your specific questions, evaluate your needs and show you what ArgusEssentia can do for you.

Mobile access for visitors and staff

Leverage mobile devices for administrative tasks while roaming the galleries or working remotely; offer mobile access to your virtual or in-house visitors, anytime, anywhere, any device—pique their interest and enhance their experience.

Our team of industry experts can answer your specific questions, evaluate your needs and show you what SydneyEnterprise can do for you.

Community Curation/Co-Curation

Build a cultural community using ArgusEssentia’s built in social media capabilities; capture the wisdom of the crowd and offer it in context with “documented” knowledge, increasing visitor engagement.

Request management

Lucidea’s feature-rich Request Management Solution offers end-to-end capabilities that take museum research workflow seamlessly from request or project capture, to request handler assignment and resource allocation, to collaboration, to (multimedia) documentation, to communication with the requester—and finally to automatic creation of a database for reuse and reporting—all within a single venue.

ArgusEssentia Use Cases

The complete experience

An historical institution managing an oral history collection needed to get their collection online, with easy audio play-back of histories. Since upgrading to ArgusEssentia, staff can easily upload audio files, along with transcriptions and related data—and provide real-time access to the public.

The shared experience

A museum’s legacy system was only accessible to the Registrar. An upgrade to ArgusEssentia allows their small team of curators to work with the descriptions of objects themselves and collaborate on tasks, without being dependent on one person to get things done.

In situ experience

A state-wide Arts program places art in both indoor venues and public buildings. They must manage both the artwork and all information about the artists being showcased. To track the artworks’ condition, they must be able to access the system via mobile devices when out in the field. ArgusEssentia makes it possible for staff to leverage full functionality on-the-go.

Training and support… unparalleled and included

We offer training throughout the life of your partnership with us, helping you maximize the value of your investment in our solutions. Our instructors and materials show you how to fully leverage ArgusEssentia, ensuring that the application is optimized to fit your organization’s needs.

Our team of experienced technical experts is available to solve your technical problems and provide exceptional customer service, 24/7/365.

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