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Enhanced Curation
and Enriched Experiences

Expand outreach and access to your collection via the web, and enrich the experience for both in-person and virtual visitors. Flexible and purpose-built for museums and galleries, Argus enhances curation and opens your museum’s doors to the world.

Significantly expand outreach and access through a public web and mobile portal linked directly to your entire collection (beyond the 1-4% that’s on exhibit).

Provide more documentation in more depth, for both individual objects and collections—with relevant multimedia and links to related artifacts.

With integrated public portal and back end administration, push real time updates; make data entry easy; streamline workflows, and reduce training time for new staff, interns and volunteers.

Visitors, in-person and virtual, can explore using mobile devices (accessing the full portal from a tablet) and you can inspire visits with mobile read-only sessions specific to a particular exhibit or event.

Staff can search for and record data wherever they are, check the condition of objects on site, and do inventories from within warehouses and galleries on-the-go using a mobile device.

Meet the needs of staff and end users as the organization grows and/or changes when you integrate with existing applications and resources, without depending heavily on IT.

Read some Argus Success Stories


History Colorado

“Argus serves researchers, educators, and museums as an unprecedented and user-friendly means of engaging with Colorado’s history. It readily facilitates access to profoundly important collection resources which History Colorado has amassed to document and preserve the people, places, stories and material culture of our state.”


Buffalo Bill Center of the West

“We have used Argus since January 2013. The software is visually appealing and easy to navigate. We find new ways to navigate and use our data on a daily basis. As we become more familiar with the workings of the database, we are able to access our data in more useful ways. As with any database, the way in which the data is organized, and knowledge of that organization, is the key to extracting the data. Argus is easy to use and has functionalities that simplify and guide our actions. We are very pleased with our decision to integrate Argus into our work flow.”

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