The Power of Transformative, Integrated, Measurable Request Management

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A whitepaper based on our popular SLA 2019 Conference Hot Topics Panel Session

During our SLA Hot Topics Session, “Transformative, Integrated, Measurable Request Management”, panelists explored ways to optimize research and request workflow, including how to capture and interpret powerful metrics. Handling research requests is the most visible thing that special librarians do, but unfortunately the significant positive impact on the organization can be easily ignored.

This whitepaper presents information shared during the event, with valuable insights, regarding:

  • the importance of transparency in the request management process
  • how to select the “right” metrics and express them through management reports
  • real world examples of the power of evidence-based decision-making.

…and don’t forget to read our whitepapers based on previous SLA Hot Topics sessions, including our additional 2019 session, “Don’t Just be Integral: Be Aligned”

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