How To Succeed in Special Librarianship; Proven Methods, Expert Advice

The Essential Guide to Succeeding as a Special Librarian

Learn the secrets to career success as a special librarian

This valuable guide is for special librarians committed to being proactive about their careers. It takes a pragmatic approach to such topics as the importance of relationships, putting technology in its place, developing and planning your strategy, the fundamentals of marketing and selling, managing internal communication for impact and value, and the secrets of client engagement. Succeeding in the World of Special Librarianship will inspire you to take your career to the next level.

Stephen Abram offers practical specifics of:

Building Professional Relationships
Putting Technolgy in its Place
Knowing Where You Want to Be
Executing Your Strategy
Marketing and Selling
Innovation and Managing Risk
Managing Internal Communications
Describing Yourself, Not the Library
Continued Client Engagement
Inspiration and Jump Start Exercises


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