The Museum Digital Projects Bible:

Proven Methods, Expert Advice

Digital projects are critically important to a museum’s mission of caring for and providing access to its collections. Museum expert Rachael Cristine Woody pairs the fundamental aspects of digital projects with honed-in strategies for maximum impact.

PDF file size: 4MB approx.

Museum Digital Projects and You. Where to Begin?

The blueprint for digital projects in your museum

Digital Preservation Without Tears - Margot Note

From digitization to digital publishing, Rachael Cristine Woody guides you through the strategic and logistical aspects of museum digital projects with actionable advice based on best practices.

PDF file size: 4MB approx.

Learn the Secrets of Successful Museum Digital Projects

Museum Digital Projects and You. Where to Begin? offers advice from Rachael Cristine Woody, a seasoned museum expert and consultant with significant experience in museum, history and heritage organizations as both a practitioner and advisor. Digital projects are critically important to a museum’s mission of caring for and providing access to its collections. With that in mind, Ms. Woody covers the components of a successful museum digital project, how to create and manage a successful digital project, how to choose the right tools for museum digital projects, evaluating the museum DAMS vs CMS, how much museum digital projects cost, and creating a museum digital project workflow that works.

Inside the book

Rachael Cristine Woody offers practical guidance on:

= Components of a successful museum digital project

= How to create and manage a digital project

= Choosing the right tools for digital projects

= Evaluating the museum DAMS vs CMS

= How much do digital projects cost?

= Creating digital project workflow that works

About the Author

About Rachael Cristine Woody

Rachael is the Owner of Rachael Cristine Consulting, and provides services to museums, libraries, and archives. She specializes in museum collections management systems, digitization technology, digital project management, and digital usership. Previously she was at the Freer|Sackler Museum of the Smithsonian Institution and the Oregon Wine History Archive at Linfield College, where she successfully launched multiple digital projects that included advanced digitization technology, collaborative portals, and the migration of collection information into collections management systems. Rachael is a contributing member at the American Alliance of Museums, Oregon Museum Association, National Council on Public History, Society of American Archivists, and Northwest Archivists. She is also a popular guest author for Lucidea’s Think Clearly Blog, and her first two books for Lucidea Press, Survivor’s Guide to Museum Grant Writing and How to Select, Buy, and Use a Museum CMS, were extremely well received.


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