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Museums and Art Galleries like yours have overcome challenges big and small with Argus. Here are their stories.

British Columbia Sports Hall of Fame and Museum logo

BC Sports Hall of Fame and Museum

Confidence Factor; Leveling Up with Argus
For every collections management challenge we have there is a solution within Argus because it is so flexible and adaptable. Our collection has never been better organized.

Jason Beck

The Children’s Museum of Oak Ridge logo

The Woodstock Museum National Historic Site

Visualize, Customize, Optimize, with Argus
“The great thing about Argus is that there are so many possibilities and tools. And because you have the tools, you are free to think about new ways to make the system work better and better to suit your museum’s unique needs.”

Adam Pollard
Curator of Collection

Daughters of Charity Provincial Archives logo

The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia

Timeless Collections Management —Argus For Now, Argus For The Future
“When we needed a new collections management system we went through a rigorous procurement process with a number of different applicants, and we scored every element; Argus came out on top every time, they had great references, offered capabilities that would make both gallery staff and IT happy, and were well within budget.”

Shannon Parker
Curator of Collections

logo for History Colorado

History Colorado

Argus helps History Colorado Engage Visitors with People, Places and Stories
“Argus serves researchers, educators, and museums as an unprecedented and user- friendly means of engaging with Colorado’s history. It readily facilitates access to profoundly important collection resources which History Colorado has amassed to document and preserve the people, places, stories and material culture of our state.”

Melissa de Bie
Director of Collections Management

AAFP Foundation Center for the History of Family Medicine logo

The Exploration Place + Science Centre

Cultivating a Cultural Community with Argus
“With Argus, we can showcase the professionalism of the member organizations in the northern part of the Province. Argus is contemporary and easy to use, and allows us to publicly express our commitment to cultural heritage and care of the collections, which brings peace of mind to donors and funders, establishes credibility, and makes us relatable and even more fundable.”

Tracy Calogheros

logo for University of Colorado Boulder

CU Art Museum

The CU Art Museum Expands Curation with Argus Collections Management
“The ability to make our collection accessible via the Web, the efficient integration between the administrative back end and the public portal, and finally the ability to customize the application for our own specific needs (without buying more than we needed) were the overriding factors in our choice to manage our collection with Argus”

Caitlin Rumery
Associate Registrar / Collections Manager

Kalamazoo Valley Museum

A Modern View of a City’s History via ArchivEra
“We have always wanted to make the collection broadly accessible to our audience and not keep it a secret…we want to enable people to use it for research, and when the ability to offer Web access presented itself via Argus, we knew it was the right choice.”

Kalamazoo Valley Museum

logo for University of Missouri Museum of Art & Archaeology

University of Missouri Museum of Art and Archaeology

Moving Beyond the Archival Collections Management Status Quo
“Argus is now integral to what each staff member does on a daily basis, and is also bulletproof for the occasional user; people can play around with it to do things that suit their own workflow … the beauty is that it is neither simple nor complex—it’s what you choose to do with it. We can shape it to our needs instead of making new investments in order to stay current.”

Dr. Alex Barker

logo for Buffalo Bill Center of the West

Buffalo Bill Center of the West

Support System: Argus is Behind the Scenes at Buffalo Bill Center of the West
“The software is visually appealing and easy to navigate. We find new ways to navigate and use our data on a daily basis. As we become more familiar with the workings of the database, we are able to access our data in more useful ways. As with any database, the way in which the data is organized, and knowledge of that organization, is the key to extracting the data. Argus is easy to use and has functionalities that simplify and guide our actions. We are very pleased with our decision to integrate Argus into our workflow.”

Elizabeth Holmes
Senior Registrar

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