The Perfect Collections Management Solution for Small Archives


ArchivEssentia delivers the essentials of archives collections management

ArchivEssentia is the perfect archives collections management and integrated portal application for small archives. Based on best practices observed over ~20 years of working with archives clients, it delivers world-class power and enables a small archives staff to deliver large archives impact. With ArchivEssentia, small archives stay accessible, visible and relevant, delivering an educational, inspiring and immersive experience to visitors.

Everything you Need

ArchivEssentia is built for today’s visionary archivists who know that significantly expanded outreach and access via the Web enriches the experience for both in person and virtual visitors. It delivers the essentials of archives collections management and fits the needs and requirements of small archives, with pricing based on number of users and storage space.

It’s all There

Unlike traditional collections management platforms, fully Web-based ArchivEssentia allows small archives clients to easily offer public portal access to collections, provide more in-depth documentation about each object, artifact or collection (delivering multimedia content in context), leverage efficient purpose-built workflows with minimal training required, and adhere to archival standards, including EAD3.

Immersive and Engaging Web Presence

Significantly expand outreach and access, through a public portal and Google site mapping so visitors find your collections no matter where they start searching. Reach visitors near and far, even via mobile devices, offer powerful discovery options, allow browsing, or highlight featured collections.

Purpose-Built Workflows, Easily Adhere to Archives Standards

We’ve designed workflows based on best practices observed over ~20 years of working with archives clients. Easily generate finding aids, and work with standards including ISAD(G), DACS, RAD, Dublin Core, and EAD3.

Full integration, Purpose-Built Workflows, Minimal Training

Integrates back end administration with the public portal for real time updates, is designed for easy data entry, provides purpose-built workflows and reduces training for new staff, interns and volunteers.

Increased Access, Discovery and Visibility

  • Effortlessly,increase archives visibility via the Internet
  • Dynamic,real-time portal for a rich online presence
  • Generate finding aids easily and quickly

Deliver Knowledge On-The-Go

Mobile support allows users to access information whenever they need it, wherever they are, via whatever device they choose

Social Media Integration

  • Integration icons for Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest
  • Supports sharing of links via email

Use Cases

Shine a Light and Get Workflow Right

A small museum-based archives with minimal staff and a very rich collection uses our archives software to offer powerful multimedia and mobile capabilities to virtual visitors, replacing its manual procedures with one system that offers unprecedented efficiency and allows them to bring accessions, de-accessions, processing, arranging, describing, digitizing, and records stewardship together.

One and Done

Our archives solution offers CSV importing to all areas of the system:
accessions, requests, collections, and hierarchies, allowing users
to make batch updates (e.g., collections, series, containers, items, location) and then add to the description as time goes on—or simply add inventory lists. A county archives with a single archivist, a warehouse of unprocessed materials, and a team of volunteers is able to quickly describe those materials and easily input updates via batch upload.

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