Neil Corris, Chief Technology Officer

Neil Corris, Chief Technology Officer – Neil joined SydneyPLUS in August of 1995 as a software engineer. Within a year his strong organizational skills were recognized and he was promoted to a project management position. The following year, as a result of his success, he became co-manager of the R&D division.

In 2006, with SydneyPLUS for SQL and Oracle becoming well established in the market, Neil was assigned management of the sales team as part of the company’s key employee development program. Neil’s success at building this area of the business resulted in his also taking responsibility for the client services division. In 2008 Neil was promoted to the role of Director of Operations, continuing to oversee R&D, and over the next few years was crucial in guiding the development of the company’s new knowledge management platform – LucideaCore. In 2013 following the acquisition of Inmagic, Neil took on the Chief Technology Officer role, managing the combined Lucidea R&D and Client Services divisions.

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