Partnership – Many Brains Are Better Than One

December 22, 2018

This holiday season is an appropriate time to republish a post from our CEO, Ron Aspe, on the value of our partnerships with you, our much appreciated clients. Our thoughts turn gratefully to those who have made our progress possible. Thank you for being our trusted partners.

At Lucidea, we believe that commercial partnership includes a consultative, collaborative element; ideally, vendor and client make each other smarter and more effective. I can certainly think of many times when clients, longstanding or new, have helped me to be smarter and more effective.

A commitment to partnership is one of Lucidea’s 6 fundamental principles, as is fostering independence – but sometimes it’s really great to depend on somebody else. Clients who are truly partners can be relied on to tell me what’s what, and I appreciate it. I wear many hats: internal cheerleader, strategist, library and knowledge management advocate, and R&D gadfly. I learn about how to be more effective in all these areas through informal chats with library directors or managers and other information professionals all around the world. Advice and feedback covers both practical and strategic issues, such as:

  • Pressures facing the library profession
  • Messaging strategies that just don’t work
  • Incomplete product feature sets or functionality
  • Advice on trade show presence
  • Creative ways to leverage our products

I love being able to say “help me understand …,” or “what could we be doing better?” or “what problems are you facing with your KM initiatives?” and knowing that I can depend on lively conversation and sound advice that results in mutual success and long term engagement.

I will never stop thinking of my relationships with Lucidea’s clients as partnerships, and I look forward to continually listening and learning. Thank you all.

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