Inmagic Presto Connects Scientists with Lifesaving Research

March 28, 2019

The Center for Transportation Research (CTR) is a multidisciplinary and multimodal research institute at the University of Texas at Austin. It is recognized as one of the leading university-based transportation research centers in the world, working to promote cutting-edge developments in transportation science and technology that ultimately save lives. It’s imperative that this research be broadly shared.

CTR’s Information Access Imperative

The need for sophisticated and powerful online access to their resources was the impetus for CTR to upgrade to Inmagic Presto, resulting in a public catalog that is one of the most advanced in the transportation community. With Inmagic Presto knowledge management software, CTR has a modern, feature packed, extensible and innovative web presence. Inmagic Presto also delivers:

  • Optimized workflow and time savings, on both sides of the portal
  • Effortless discovery, enhanced learning and support for lifesaving research
  • Seamless integration with existing systems (e.g. CTR website, Transportation Research Database)

With Inmagic Presto’s flexibility and powerful functionality coupled with an innovative user-centered approach, there’s no limit to the ways CTR can further the field of transportation science and technology.

With Inmagic Presto, organizations both large and small can enjoy:

  • A single venue for managing, finding and sharing organizational knowledge resources
  • Expanded access and impact while containing costs
  • Social features that end users can leverage to act on content and add value such as tagging, liking, commenting and rating

By the way, we’ve just released Inmagic Presto V5.1, with enhancements that include:

  • New mobile features
  • New report generator
  • Global email alerts
  • Additional improvements – including Computed Value Fields

We invite you to learn more about how they leverage Inmagic Presto knowledge management software: CTR Case Study – Please click here

For questions about Inmagic Presto or any of Lucidea’s knowledge management software, library automation or collection management solutions, please call 604-278-6717 or email

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