Cargill Maximizes their Information Management ROI with Sydney ILS – Learn How



April 24, 2015

Cargill provides food, agriculture, financial and industrial products and services to the world. The company maintains a presence in 67 countries and has over 143,000 employees committed to feeding the world in a responsible way, to reducing environmental impact and to improving the communities where they live and work.

With such a large globally distributed workforce, Cargill’s information management requirements are significant. Cargill is one of many organizations needing to leverage technology in order to offer efficient, easy and global access to data and information, and to ensure productive collaboration with non-library departments, maximizing their return on investment. To achieve this, they selected Lucidea’s Sydney – the leading ILS.

They leverage Lucidea’s Sydney system to:

  • Optimize end user access to knowledge resources
  • Further the company wide strategy of minimizing software installations while containing costs and expanding impact

Equally important, Cargill’s Sydney implementation allows them to enjoy functionality and benefits that solve challenges for several departments, leading to an ROI that expands beyond the Information Center to positively impact the entire company.

Cargill is just one of many global companies to support a worldwide employee base with a platform that connects them to the documents and information they need – in Cargill’s case, in order to feed the world in a responsible way, reduce environmental impact and improve the communities where they live and work. We invite you to learn how they’re achieving this today. Please download our Cargill Success Story to learn how it’s possible to increase return on investment in an ILS/KM system by leveraging its capabilities beyond the library, for other departments and functions within your organization.

Cargill Case Study: Click Here to Download

  • With Lucidea Sydney, organizations both large and small can enjoy:
  • Global access to company knowledge resources
  • Cost containment while broadening impact
  • Expanded ROI via effective interdepartmental initiatives

To learn more and download a case study on Cargill’s experience with Sydney ILS, please click here. For questions about Sydney or any of Lucidea’s knowledge management, library automation or collection management solutions, please call 604-278-6717 or email

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