…data into CHIN, MARC, and other formats

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Highly customizable records management software STAR/RIMS supports the processes that ensure records are well

Eloquent Records

Eloquent Records is a feature-rich, web-based electronic documents and records management system (EDRMS) that enables lifecycle management for all records, both physical and digital


Our purpose-built software solutions make it easy to collect, organize and exchange all your knowledge assets, through one venue, from anywhere, at any time.

Get your free copy of The Archivists’ Advantage

Get your free copy of The Archivists' Advantage

…Post-Master’s in Archives & Records Management, both from Drexel University. Margot’s first book for Lucidea Press, Demystifying Archival Projects: Five Essentials for Success, was extremely…

Records and Business Change

Records and Business Change

…told that specific documentation (often in hard copy) was created because records management requires it, even though no such requirement exists. Archivists and records managers…

Recordkeeping Governance Policies

Recordkeeping Governance Policies

…the roles and responsibilities of employees to create and maintain records and the authorized duties and activities of the archives and records management programs. Accountability…

Records Recovery for Vital Records

Records Recovery for Vital Records

…suit. Word spread about their practices, and eventually instituted a records management program, but that was after millions in settlement costs.

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