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Inmagic DB/TextWorks

Flexible Information Publishing


Inmagic® DB/Text® WebPublisher PRO is Inmagic’s interactive Web publishing tool set. It enables you to deploy, publish and maintain textbases on the Web quickly and easily.

The Easy Way to Publish on the Web

WebPublisher PRO provides all of the advantages of Web interactivity at an affordable price, by making it possible to deploy, publish and maintain textbases on the Web. Unlike many Web publishing tools, which may require sophisticated knowledge of HTML and XML, WebPublisher PRO utilizes the WYSIWYG forms created in Inmagic® DB/Text Works®. As a result, even non-technical users can easily publish their Inmagic textbases interactively on the Web. WebPublisher PRO increases the value of your Inmagic textbases by making them accessible 24/7 via a Web browser.

Delivering Content to Organizations Worldwide

Many of the world’s most prominent companies, universities, law firms and government agencies use WebPublisher PRO in conjunction with Inmagic’s DB/TextWorks software to manage business intelligence, research content, image and archive databases, product catalogs, help desk knowledgebases and more. Because WebPublisher PRO is easy to deploy and can support textbases with thousands of documents, it is ideal for information-intensive organizations that require Web-based information management solutions.

 Find Information Fast

Web Publisher Pro’s high-speed fielded search engine makes finding information fast, easy, and precise. WebPublisher PRO performs keyword searches through a million records in under a second. You can narrow or broaden your searches by querying multiple fields to fine-tune your results. You don’t have to wade through a sea of hyperlinks or hundreds of hits to find exactly the information you need. WebPublisher PRO enables you to search and retrieve information based upon the content of documents as well as with conventionally-structured fields.

 Update and Maintain Documents Effortlessly

Updating and maintaining thousands of static HTML documents is tedious work. The combination of DB/Text Works and WebPublisher PRO provides you with a textbase-driven environment for publishing to the Web or your intranet. As a result, you can easily modify groups of documents through operations such as batch import or batch modify. By using permissions you can allow designated users to maintain specific documents.

Create custom pages and integrate with other systems with XML

WebPublisher PRO can publish using both HTML or XML. HTML publishing enables non-technical users to publish easily, but XML publishing enables programmers and IT to customize your web content or integrate it with other systems.


 Trusted Around the World

DB/TextWorks is in use at thousands of organizations around the globe. It is relied upon to manage, organize and publish bibliographic collections, full text databases, multi-media catalogs and much more.

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