Stephen Abram

Stephen Abram is a popular Lucidea Webinars presenter. He is the past president of SLA, and the Canadian and Ontario Library Associations. He is the CEO of Lighthouse Consulting and the executive director of the Federation of Ontario Public Libraries. He blogs personally at Stephen’s Lighthouse (
Access is Not Equal to Know-how

Access is Not Equal to Know-how

Library consultant Stephen Abram explains the importance of differentiating “access to knowledge” from “know-how” and the librarian’s resultant value-add.

Innovation: No Excuses

Library consultant and advocate Stephen Abram offers practical advice on jumpstarting innovation for special librarians and information professionals.

Special Libraries, Curation: Buzzword or What

Curation: Buzzword or What?

The word ‘curator’ gets used too liberally to describe the stuff people do on the web and it dilutes and pollutes the professional things that librarians do.

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