Inmagic Presto Success Story

Presto: Perfectly Engineered
to Meet SGH Goals

 With ~500 staff, SGH designs, investigates, and rehabilitates
constructed works in the United States, Canada, and in more than
thirty additional countries.

“Presto has been a great addition to our library. The ability to search in an intuitive, recognizable way, and refine that search, has made a big difference. The system has helped strengthen the notion that the library is a corporate resource – no matter where you are, you have access to the information that you need.”

Corporate Library Manager
Regional Librarian
Simpson Gumpertz & Heger

Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Results

Consolidated access to all SGH knowledge assets for all staff

Increased collaboration and information sharing

Metrics leading to improved service, targeted collection development

Inmagic Presto’s Impact

Web-based technology

Flexibility and extensibility

Multimedia content delivery

Simpson Gumpertz & Heger (SGH) is an engineering firm that designs, investigates, and rehabilitates constructed works in the United States, Canada, and in more than thirty additional countries, with ~500 employees in six offices. SGH has been an Inmagic client since 2007. SGH’s goals are to: earn the lasting trust of their clients, gain the respect of their most capable peers, and further the standards of practice in all areas of the engineering profession. Their industry-recognized experts with diverse specialties:

  • collaborate with clients and project team members
  • identify and leverage their extensive expertise
  • focus on delivering successful results
  • respond to project challenges

In order to meet those goals and support those activities, all SGH staff must have access to the most current engineering information in all formats, without regard to geographic or time constraints, and be able to share it with each other on demand.

The Accessibility Challenge

SGH has a library of more than 25,000 items; everything from historical building codes to current standards, books, CDs, product catalogs, employee-written SGH publications, and more. Though these resources are catalogued in Genie, most of them are physically located in two places: Boston and San Francisco. Therefore, if a project required knowledge of 1940s building codes in Cambridge, for instance, someone from the project team would contact one of the three librarians, who would then run the query, find the relevant information, and send it to the requester. Beyond the physical limitations of this process, and the additional time required, it was difficult to categorize information into different content types and pinpoint exactly what the user needed.

An Integrated Solution

SGH wanted to make critical intellectual property easily searchable and accessible by the entire SGH user community, with the library serving as an enterprise resource, regardless of office size and location. This required a library system, accessible to all employees, which would enable them to easily find what they wanted through an intuitive, contemporary interface. After seeing its powerful web-based and extensible capabilities they chose to integrate Inmagic Presto with their Genie ILS. With Presto’s capabilities, SGH librarians can classify information by relevant content type, making it accessible and displayed in a unique way through their intranet, ensuring ease of search and discovery. In addition, digital documentation – which is increasingly commonplace in engineering – can be easily added to the system and accessed by users. SGH’s librarians create “new books” and “new SGH publications” collections and feature them on the Presto homepage; these are automatically updated through an RSS feed.

Beyond Expectations

SGH has found that people are very enthusiastic about the new system; it’s being used much more than they anticipated, by a larger group of users than imagined. Searching for and locating information is a lot less time- and resource-intensive, because users can find what they want online and generate a library email request directly through Presto. Requests for and use of SGH publications have increased as well, since they can now be found on the intranet and either downloaded, or shared via email or a URL (depending on copyright restrictions). With Presto’s metrics and reporting capabilities, SGH’s librarians have much more insight into how, when, where and why people are accessing resources, helping them identify training needs and fine-tune content to meet demands.

Inspired Developments

Since going live with Presto, SGH library staff have been inspired to put the application to additional uses, including the development of content collections, integration with SharePoint, and other enhancements made possible by the open API.

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