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Connect your people and the content they need, when they need it

GeniePlus’s intuitive interface with one-touch navigation and customizable workflows makes it easy to get into every corner of its database. Your people can browse intelligently and accelerate the capture, organization, and sharing process so that the content needed is delivered when need.

Search tools Finding tools that enable discovery


With GeniePlus, your people can find and discover information that may have been missed using traditional methods. Faceted search and Alerts functions make it easy for users to filter results for precise queries and have information on vital topics pushed to them directly. And because GeniePlus can link critical in multiple formats, more time can be spent finding than searching.

Advanced subscription resources and services management, simple set up

GeniePlus makes it easy for you to manage subscription resources and services effectively. Setting up routing parameters


Adapt to growth and change – as it happens

GeniePlus’s unlimited extension and configuration options  helps you meet the needs of staff and end users as the organization grows and/or changes – without depending heavily on IT. Customize the user experience, add fields for new content, and modify workflows with the easy configuration settings to suit your needs – now and in the future.


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