Meet Up With Lucidea at SLA 2017; See Purpose-Built ILS/KM Apps That Ensure Special Library Success

We’re getting in touch to let you know that we will participate in this year’s  SLA Conference and INFO-EXPO on June 16th through 20th in Phoenix, AZ.

Visit with our team at Booth #805 in the Exhibit Hall and see the latest developments in our suite of ILS, KM and electronic resource management solutions.

SydneyEnterprise. Take full advantage of the most powerful unified ILS and KM platform, featuring a single venue for administration and searching of all knowledge assets, enhanced search and discovery, and improved workflows. The latest developments focus on integration with other applications and include:

  • Email integration that optimizes the request management process and builds a searchable database of research results
  • RFID integration for a fully automated circulation desk
  • eBook integration (OverDrive and ProView)

GeniePlus. The perfect ILS for agile libraries—it empowers a small staff to act like a large library with an extensible, highly flexible platform, and now includes email integration, eBook integration and RFID options for automated circulation, just like “industrial strength” SydneyEnterprise.

Presto. Knowledge management practitioners implement this solution to deliver enhanced search and discovery options; improved access to content; collaboration and sharing tools; SharePoint integration, and DIY tools and deployment. Among other enhancements, Presto now offers:

  • A Relationship Cloud control that allows users to explore the relationships between records. The feature lets searchers visualize connections between related content, increasing search effectiveness and serendipity

LookUp Precision. Clients know this electronic resource management software supports evidence-based decision making that leads to productive contract negotiations, budgetary control, better training, and targeted internal marketing of purchased online content.

We are also sponsoring a series of events with a focus on supporting and celebrating special library success, including the fourth in our series of popular Hot Topics sessions:
Monday, 19 June, 10:30 – 11:30: What Does Success Look Like for the Special Library? (Hot Topic Panel Discussion – Room 223)

followed by:

Monday, 19 June, 12:25 – 1:15: How Can Librarians Define, Measure and Market Success? Lucidea’s Hot Topics Panelists Offer Specifics (Exhibit Hall 845)

Targeted Theater Presentation Series:

Sunday, 18 June, 1:30 – 2:00 What ILS Tools Do You Need in Order to Adapt, Build and Grow? Lucidea has the Answer! (Exhibit Hall 845)

Monday, 19 June, 3:00 – 3:30: Lucidea Solves Your Library System Challenges, with SydneyEnterprise and GeniePlus (Exhibit Hall 845)

Tuesday, 20 June, 11:45 – 12:15: Take the Lucidea Challenge – Can You Build a KM System in 30 Minutes? (Exhibit Hall 845)

Our team members will be on hand to demonstrate our library automation and knowledge management products, designed to accommodate every budget and organization size, as well as a powerful online resource analytics tool which helps you manage costs and increase efficiency.  SydneyEnterprise, Inmagic Presto and GeniePlus staff will be joined by our LookUp Precision team throughout the conference at Booth #805. Stop by and see the latest innovations we’ve built into our industry leading ILS and KM solutions.

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