Lucidea Introduces ArgusEssentia, the Collections Management Application for Small Museums

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Vancouver-based software developer Lucidea has introduced ArgusEssentia, its collection management and integrated portal application specifically for small museums.

ArgusEssentia enables a small museum staff to deliver large museum impact, delivering world-class power with these essential features:

  • Off-the-shelf yet adaptable; easily customized to fit unique needs
  • Mobile access for visitors and staff to explore and work from anywhere; browser and device agnostic
  • Dynamic, real-time portal for a rich online presence
  • Community curation/co-curation: captures the wisdom of the crowd and increases visitor engagement
  • Full multimedia support for file types of all kinds, including images, audio and video—and full text searchable PDF and Word documents
  • Reporting and metrics; analyze usage, make evidence-based decisions, justify resources
  • Streamlined workflows, minimal training needed; empowers volunteers and interns and allows staff to spend more time with the collections
  • SaaS (vendor-hosted) option for worry-free and timely updates/maintenance with no need for internal server expense or IT resources
  • 24/7 live technical support

Per CEO Ron Aspe, “We are excited to have met our goal of delivering a collections management system with both power and finesse, to fit the needs and requirements of small museums—with flexible pricing based on number of users and storage space, and a suite of add-on options to consider at any time.”

For further information about ArgusEssentia contact Lucidea on 604-278-6717 or email

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