Lucidea CEO’s Message to Eloquent Clients

Lucidea CEO’s Message to Eloquent Clients

Dear Eloquent Clients,
By now you should have received Merv Richter’s farewell note along with information about Lucidea’s acquisition of Eloquent. As Merv mentioned, he and I have known each other for almost thirty years, and I feel privileged that he has entrusted the continuing success of Eloquent to me and our Lucidea team. Merv and I share the same values with regard to client service and reliable, innovative knowledge management software. Please rest assured that Lucidea will continue to provide you with the support and powerful KM capabilities you have come to rely upon.

Lucidea has retained all of Eloquent’s key employees, and Merv Richter has kindly agreed to be available as a consultant to help ensure a smooth transition.

Feel free to contact me directly at our Vancouver headquarters at 604-278-6717 if you have any questions, and connect with me on LinkedIn if you wish. Office addresses and contact information for Eloquent remain unchanged, and the phone numbers and email addresses you currently use to contact customer support remain the same.

We will be sending further communications from time to time as we move forward with the Eloquent team to evolve your software.

Best regards,
Ron Aspe
CEO, Lucidea

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