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Inmagic DB/TextWorks

Flexible Information Management


Database and Text Retrieval

Inmagic® DB/TextWorks® is a special combination of database and text retrieval software that enables you to build “textbases” (text / multi-media databases) to manage diverse types of information including bibliographic catalogs, documents, images, multimedia, etc.

DB/TextWorks runs on Windows Operating systems and can be used on a single PC or in a networked environment. DB/TextWorks texbases can be made web accessible via DB/Text WebPublisher PRO.


 The Best of Both Worlds

DB/TextWorks combines a database management system and a text retrieval system. It’s easy to use and does not require any programming. This combination delivers a powerful, flexible system that can be used by non-IT staff to organize information and share knowledge throughout an organization.

Build Once, Publish Anywhere

DB/TextWorks is ideal for organizing, publishing, and disseminating your information anywhere. Whether you want to publish your information on the Internet, your corporate intranet, over your LAN, or on CD-ROM, DB/TextWorks helps you get the job done. DB/TextWorks provides an easily managed knowledge repository to utilize and preserve your content and information assets.

Fast, Precise, and User-Friendly Searching

DB/TextWorks offers powerful search capabilities including keyword, fielded (or parametric ), Boolean, phrase, and proximity searching. Query screens can also include prompts to search several fields at once. Users can paste keywords or terms from popup indices that are automatically built by DB/TextWorks and displayed along with the search screen.


 Flexible Design and Maintenance

A textbase can contain just about anything, from customer information to company policies or competitive intelligence. The design of your textbase depends on your particular application needs. You simply specify the fields that you want to include in each record. The DB/TextWorks fields can handle full and abstracted text, plus dates, numbers, images, and more. You can pour as much information into any field as necessary, from a 50-word memo to a 50-page proposal.

Time-saving 3-D Data Model Simplifies Design and Linked Textbases

DB/TextWorks is three-dimensional. It allows you to add multiple and distinct entries into any field at any time, such as multiple recipients of email, or multiple book authors. This simplifies textbase design and maintenance, while maximizing your searching and reporting precision. DB/TextWorks’ ability to link one textbase to others eliminates redundant information, and reduces the time you spend entering and updating your data.



 Transfer Your Existing Records Easily

By importing ASCII-delimited files, you can add thousands of records to a textbase from virtually any third-party database package. Your existing database records can be transferred to DB/TextWorks in minutes. You can also import text from documents in a variety of formats, such as Microsoft® Office or PDF.

Do More in Less Time

DB/TextWorks includes many other time saving and powerful features, such as:

  • Simple Drag-and-Drop Form Design – DB/TextWorks’ Report Writer gives you total control over the look and content of your reports.
  • Easy Table Creation – To create tabular or columnar reports, simply choose the field you want in each column, and DB/TextWorks does the rest.
  • Powerful Image Management – Image management capabilities are built into DB/TextWorks. You can store, retrieve, display, and print images.
  • Scripting Enhances Customization Options – With scripting, you can add Script buttons and functions to forms, and to query and menu screens.
  • Database-Driven Web Content – With Inmagic® DB/Text® Web Publisher Pro can publish your textbase on your Web site or Intranet. You can also edit records in a browser window.

Trusted around the world

 Trusted Around the World

DB/TextWorks is in use at thousands of organizations around the globe. It is relied upon to manage, organize and publish bibliographic collections, full text databases, multi-media catalogs and much more.

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