Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) – Digitizing Hidden Special Collections and Archives: Enabling New Scholarship through Increasing Access to Unique Materials

Country: United States

Amount:  $50,000-$500,000

Total Funds Available: $4,000,000

Term:  1-3 years

Fall and Spring cycles until April 2021


Through its support of digitization, this program will enhance the emerging global digital research environment in ways that support new kinds of scholarship for the long term. It will help to ensure that the full wealth of resources held by collecting institutions becomes integrated with the open Web, where it can be made easily discoverable and accessible alongside related materials. To promote broad access, careful preservation, standardization, and usability, approaches to digitization should be coordinated across institutions when feasible. By encouraging strategic collaboration and communication among this program’s grant recipients, CLIR expects to help broaden understanding of the complexity of these issues in the professional communities responsible for rare and unique collections.

Application Protocol

A form submission via the CLIR website.

Grant Website


Archives, Capacity, Cataloging, Digitization, Heritage, Libraries, Web Resources

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