Crowdsource Your Museum and Gallery Marketing – Go Viral with Argus

Crowdsource Your Museum and Gallery Marketing – Go Viral with Argus

Lucidea, provider of ARGUS and leader in innovative collections management solutions for museums and galleries, is pleased to announce a powerful new LucideaCore platform enhancement that will soon be available to ARGUS clients: Social media integration!

You, our valued ARGUS museum and gallery clients, can effortlessly expand your reach by going social –empowering every visitor to do your marketing for you, and reaching an interested audience you don’t even know about yet. Now you can use social media channels to build awareness of artifacts in permanent collections and special exhibits through your organization’s social presence, and make it possible for every visitor or virtual visitor to expand your reputation by sharing their favorite objects!

Imagine what would happen if a visitor to your museum shared a link to a favorite painting from your collection on their Facebook page. Or if someone tweeted a link to an exotic object from a special exhibit on their Twitter feed. With 300 million monthly active Google+ users, a user posting to that platform about one of your beautiful sculptures will exponentially increase your collection’s visibility …and all you have to do is display icons for sharing via those channels, along with other options for easy publishing or emailing. The most powerful marketing message you can have is a referral or recommendation. ARGUS makes it effortless to crowdsource your marketing and get people talking about your museum or gallery on social media. And talking leads to visiting, either online or in person. Generate traffic and build awareness and interest without a big marketing budget – call it your “million clicks campaign.”

ARGUS will be at Booth 945 to offer preview demonstrations of this exciting new enhancement during the American Alliance of Museums 2015 Annual Meeting & MuseumExpo taking place on April 26-29, 2015, in Atlanta, Georgia. Social media integration will be generally available to ARGUS clients as of June 10, 2015. If you’re going to this year’s AAM tradeshow, please stop by Booth 945 and see how ARGUS can help your organization easily build an extensive social media presence and take full advantage of a powerful free marketing opportunity – directly and through your visitors or patrons.

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