Explore Lucidea’s Powerful ILS, KM and ERM Solutions at CALL 2016 in Vancouver

Lucidea, provider of SydneyEnterprise, LookUp Precision and LawPort, and leader in innovative ILS, KM and electronic resource management solutions is pleased to announce participation in the Canadian Association of Law Libraries 2016 Conference. Please come and visit with us at Booth 16 at the Westin Bayshore Vancouver and see how our software solutions are a perfect match for this year’s theme of “Competencies, Challenges, Connections.”

SydneyEnterprise is Lucidea’s flagship ILS, with unified library automation and knowledge management capabilities unlike anything else you’ve seen. With SydneyEnterprise, leading law firms around the world encourage discovery by providing end users with a richer search experience; accelerate all aspects of capturing, organizing and sharing knowledge resources; create a single authoritative source for all organizational knowledge resources; play nicely with others, including internal and third party information resources, and go mobile to support end users, wherever they are, via whatever device they choose.

LawPort is the legal portal software that is purpose built for mid-sized law firms wanting the KM power enjoyed by large firms, but without the resource burden. LawPort is developed for rapid implementation that doesn’t require 3 IT staff and 3 years… you’ll launch in 60-90 days, it’s relevant and built based on best practices… leading to rapid ROI, at an affordable price point. There are no connectors or consultants required.

LookUp Precision is the Electronic Resource Management solution (ERM) that lets you take control of your online resource portfolio and make evidence-based decisions that maximize the value of your content investments. Evaluate usage patterns, leverage detailed user/session level data during contract renewal negotiations, and identify training or marketing gaps while delivering mobile and global workforce support for any device, any browser, anywhere.

When you visit us at Booth 16 we’ll give you a tour of LookUp Precision, LawPort, or SydneyEnterprise – or all three! We’d also love to talk to you about some exciting new options such as integration with OverDrive, and the many ways our solutions can help you increase your competencies, overcome challenges, and connect your users with the most relevant and important knowledge assets. We hope to see you there!

For further information about any of our ILS, KM or ERM solutions, please visit our website lucidea.com or phone 604 278 6717, or email sales@lucidea.com with your questions.

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