Experience Collections Management Innovators SKCA and Eloquent Archives at MARAC 2018

VANCOUVER, British ColumbiaLucidea’s archives collections management applications, CuadraSTAR Knowledge Center for Archives (SKCA) and Eloquent Archives, will be represented at this year’s MARAC in Hershey, PA. Visit with Lucidea’s Ilene Slavick on April 13th at the Hershey Lodge to see how easily SKCA and Eloquent Archives enable researchers and the public to connect with the historic materials archivists work hard to preserve.

Both SKCA and Eloquent Archives are compelling options for organizing archival collections and making them accessible. They are purpose-built to enable archivists to describe and manage collections, while leveraging tools that save time and resources, resulting in broader access to historical materials. Connect your audience with the precious materials you preserve, no matter your size or budget.

Lucidea knows that archivists need to:

  • Make archival collections visible, accessible and searchable
  • Eliminate duplication of effort, saving time and resources
  • Offer a secure public access catalog that integrates with the administrative back end
  • Present digital content within the context of the hierarchy
  • Share data with other archives through industry standard formats (e.g., EAD finding aids, MARC records, etc.).
  • Collect statistics and produce management reports to demonstrate archives’ value to funders and sponsors

Lucidea’s two innovative and comprehensive archives collections management applications deliver capabilities that go well beyond traditional collections management, while ensuring the success of archivists’ primary responsibility: preserving the past and making it accessible for the future.

For more information on CuadraSTAR SKCA or Eloquent Archives, please contact Lucidea on 604-278-6717, visit www.lucidea.com or email sales@lucidea.com with your questions.

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