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We’re sharing some materials that will introduce you to Lucidea’s feature-rich integrated library system (ILS) for agile libraries. Lucidea is always here for you, and if you have any questions please get in touch with us through the form below or the chat box.

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What is


GeniePlus is the integrated library system (ILS) for special librarians who are increasingly asked to deliver more with less. It combines the flexibility and usability of Inmagic Genie with the powerful features of our LucideaCore KM technology platform. GeniePlus enhances collection automation and management by integrating traditional library services with powerful knowledge management capabilities, solving the agile library’s information discovery and delivery challenges.

GeniePlus is designed to optimize library management and services with features that enable your staff to be more accurate and effective. GeniePlus also offers advanced KM capabilities that allow information managers to quickly and easily create new knowledge repositories with custom metadata structures and unique workflows, while data is published via secure client configured web portals. The result? Accelerated knowledge creation, delivery and reuse, all provided in a manner ideally suited to your needs.

Watch to get a high-level sense of what GeniePlus brings to special libraries.

Key Benefits

Build a collection of virtually any type of content

Capture, organize and share your critical knowledge, no matter what form it takes. GeniePlus offers comprehensive collection management tools that make it easy to manage books, images, eJournals, videos and other media.

Enable discovery—turn search tools into finding tools

GeniePlus makes it easy to link critical information in multiple formats, delivering better insights. With SydneyEnterprise you can enable your users to find critical information and expose them to content that they might never have found using traditional search methods.

Access critical knowledge —no matter its origin

GeniePlus enables you to create
a single authoritative source for your organization’s knowledge assets. Easily integrate GeniePlus with any internal and external information repositories, including in-house applications, portals and 3rd party databases.

What's new in LucideaCore 4.3.6


  • Complex and simple queries
  • Pull and push alerting
  • “Keep me current” and “remind me"

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Who is


Lucidea is a knowledge management software and solutions company that provides applications and business process know–how to help information intensive organizations easily collect, organize, and leverage their institutional knowledge. Our products improve accessibility and use of information assets for the people who need this knowledge most—employees and customers—resulting in higher productivity, lower operational costs, and increased customer satisfaction. With a global client base of more than 2,300 active clients in more than 50 countries, Lucidea is the largest provider of knowledge management solutions and library automation solutions to corporations, law firms, non–profits, government agencies, and heritage institutions worldwide.



The Power of Transformative, Integrated, Measurable Request Management

During our SLA Hot Topics Session, “Transformative, Integrated, Measurable Request Management”, panelists explored ways to optimize research and request workflow, including how to capture and interpret powerful metrics. Handling research requests is the most visible thing that special librarians do, but unfortunately the significant positive impact on the organization can be easily ignored.

This whitepaper presents information shared during the event, with valuable insights, regarding:

  • the importance of transparency in the request management process
  • how to select the “right” metrics and express them through management reports
  • real world examples of the power of evidence-based decision-making.

Don’t Just Be Integral: Be Aligned

During our SLA Hot Topics Session, “Don’t Just Be Integral, Be Aligned”, the panelists focused on how special librarians can go beyond being integral to their clients’ daily workflow, and become (and remain) aligned with organizational imperatives. Panelists discussed fundamental questions, such as:

  • Why is it important to be aligned with your organization’s mission?
  • What are the benefits and value of being aligned—to the organization, to the library, to the individual?
  • How can you speak the language of your organization’s leadership and why is that important?

They covered topics such as prioritizing and delegating projects based on alignment, strategies for partnering with and leveraging other departments, and practicing alignment without guilt.

This whitepaper presents information shared during the event, with valuable insights—including practical approaches to emulating an “aligned” strategy even when resources are limited.

Don’t Just Be Integrated: Be Integral

During our SLA Hot Topics Session, “Don’t Just Be Integrated, Be Integral”, panelists focused on how special librarians go beyond integration with organizational imperatives to become integral to organizational success.

Success includes doing more with tools you have and skills you’ve built. Sometimes, “doing more” means becoming “embedded”: evolving beyond subject matter expertise to becoming a truly critical organizational resource.

Panelists responded to questions like:

  • What are characteristics of an embedded librarian?
  • What are benefits and value of being embedded?
  • How can you communicate the value of being embedded?

We present information from the event, combined with valuable insights from panelist interviews conducted in advance—including practical approaches to emulating an “aligned” strategy when resources are limited.

What Does Success Look Like for the Special Library?

Special librarians know that to ensure sustainability they must build a strategy, embrace change, and even create it. They know that the path to success includes doing more with the tools they have, and the skills they’ve built. But do special librarians truly recognize success when they achieve it? Equally important, do they focus on communicating the value of their success to leadership and peers?

Stephen Abram and our panelists discussed important questions, such as:

  • What are the characteristics of a successful special library?
  • How do you know when you are successful?
  • How do you make sure others know you are successful?
  • How do you communicate the value of success?
  • What are the benefits of success?

Our experts covered topics such as alignment with the strategic objectives of your organization, metrics and measurement (quantitative and qualitative), managerial reporting, storytelling, branding and marketing.

Doing More with More: You Can’t Shrink Your Way to Success

You cannot shrink your way to success. Special Librarians can only do more, with more.

During our SLA Hot Topics session, “Doing More with More: You Can’t Shrink Your Way to Success,” we focused on the success stories of information professionals who are building their libraries’ influence with an orientation towards abundance, not scarcity.

Attendees heard actionable advice from peers who don’t shrink their way to success but instead fill needs via more powerful technology tools, more access and discovery options, and by doing what it takes to exert more influence on organizational knowledge exchange.

This whitepaper presents information shared during the event, combined with additional valuable insights gained from panelist interviews conducted in preparation for the discussion.

Building the Resilient Library

What does it mean to be resilient, and to run a resilient library?

Special librarians achieve sustainability by understanding that end user requirements and forces at work (e.g. new technologies, globalization and a mobile workforce) all demand change. Learn from Lucidea ILS and KM clients who leverage and often create change in order to ensure the sustainability of their libraries and optimize their own roles.

Topics covered include:

  • What it means to be resilient, and run a resilient library
  • Setting the scene – organizational overviews
  • Leveraging and creating change: practical examples
  • Securing organizational support – what works
  • Examples of impact
  • Characteristics of library change agents

Adapt, Act and Thrive

The current information industry landscape is filled with challenges that require tangible solutions and present real opportunities for success when effectively confronted. Believing that librarians and knowledge managers can face these challenges to “Adapt, Act and Thrive,” Lucidea convened a panel of visionary information professionals for a round table discussion at the 2014 Special Libraries Association conference. Sharing their best practices and success stories, panelists provide information professionals with many tangible examples of how they can adapt to challenges, act, and thrive within their organizations and profession.

Panelists shared their best practices for:

  • Embedding themselves within their organizations
  • Demonstrating value
  • Engaging end users
  • Managing vendor relationships
  • Ensuring and leveraging “info-ubiquity”


The Special Library Primer: Everything You Need to Know

What’s a Special Library? Primer; basics on libraries with resources on a particular subject, a specific clientele, delivering sector-specific services.

The Integrated Library System (ILS) Primer

Integrated Library Systems are composed of interlocking modules that track items and functions within an information center, record center, or library.


Find the Perfect ILS: How to Evaluate Your Options

This short guide offers practical advice on how to prepare for and make the right ILS selection. It’s both a solid review for seasoned library professionals and a good resource for those new to the field.

Training Portal

The Training Portal enables self-paced learning. Videos can be viewed as a whole or in convenient topical chapters, these tutorials will help you learn and discover how to make the most effective use of GeniePlus.




Advice and how tos from industry experts

Succeeding in the World of Special Librarianship

This valuable guide is for special librarians committed to being proactive about their careers. It takes a pragmatic approach to such topics as the importance of relationships, putting technology in its place, developing and planning your strategy, the fundamentals of marketing and selling, managing internal communication for impact and value, and the secrets of client engagement. Succeeding in the World of Special Librarianship will inspire you to take your career to the next level.

DREAM BIG Incentive Program

As this year ends and another begins, you might be dreaming about purchasing a new ILS, KM, or Collections Management system, or upgrading your existing Lucidea solution. Let us make that dream a reality and support your strategy for 2023 with exciting benefits!

Lucidea continues on our successful path with more new clients and many exciting product enhancements, driven both by our understanding of the sectors we serve and by client requests and suggestions. This year we’ve delivered new offerings such as our Argus Android App and exciting new capabilities, including our Showcase feature—and there are more innovations coming your way next year.

To share our success and optimism for 2023 with existing and prospective clients, we’re offering a DREAM BIG promotion!

Here’s your chance to DREAM BIG with the purchase of new ILS, KM or Collections Management software—or an upgrade to your existing Lucidea solution—and ensure your organization takes advantage of valuable discounts and benefits.

How will you leverage an ILS, KM system, or CMS (in an increasingly virtual environment) to build your web presence, and expand and engage your audience? Dream big! Then make your purchase and give your organization the gift of our valuable incentives.

UNTIL FEBRUARY 28th, 2023 we’re offering promotions to prospective special library, knowledge center, archives, or museum clients who are dreaming of a Lucidea system, or would like to upgrade their current product(s) to one of Lucidea’s exciting new solutions.

Take advantage of valuable benefits, which may include:

  • Cost savings
  • Access to optional features at modest or no cost
  • Modest or no-cost implementation and migration service packages

Enjoy powerful, innovative operational and end-user benefits—and make your 2023 seriously successful, with your resolution to implement a cost saving solution.


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