All-in-One Solution

Designed as a completely integrated solution, SKCA includes the modules that support the daily needs of archivists and those who research their collections. And when changes are made in one module they are instantly reflected wherever they are needed.

Flexible Hierarchical Model

Arrange your collections with as many levels of hierarchy as each requires, reorganize hierarchies when appropriate, and expand on them as needed.

Finding Aid Generation

Produce EAD finding aids as XML files easily and quickly from catalog data. Or generate finding aids dynamically as part of the public access catalog. Or both!

Offer Web Access

Implement the secure public access catalog so that researchers can browse and search your collections over the Web. Since it is integrated with the administrative back end, there is no extra work for you in offering this service.

Produce Statistics

Support funder decisions with statistics generated from SKCA. Track the services you provide, your workload, the donations you receive, the number of researchers who access your public catalog, and more.

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