Life’s Work: Archivists Preserve, Protect and Reveal National Treasures



October 23, 2015

People who choose careers as archivists have an abiding commitment to identifying, collecting, preserving and making accessible information and records of enduring value. Paper, film and electronic records deemed to be of interest for an extended period should be shared with the world, not simply collected.

More than ever before, archivists are leveraging technology to build awareness of (and expand access to) their unique materials and services.

Visit the Society of North Carolina Archivists website and read about how one organization, part of the Buncombe County Public Libraries system, brought valued collections out from behind the scenes and shared them with the local community, enhancing access, encouraging onsite visits, increasing sales of digitized images and promoting their collection and services. They were able to accomplish this, in part, because of grant funding – securing donors who share their commitment is another reason for archivists to build awareness of their special and important collections, gaining support for their life’s work.

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