Law Firm Knowledge Management – A Unique Perspective



September 24, 2015
Recently, Lucidea’s LawPort legal portal software was highlighted in a special edition of CIO STORY, focused on the legal industry’s Top 20 software vendors. CIO STORY tracks IT trends and offers “insights and deep analytics based on success stories of technology companies that have scaled up by adapting path-breaking business strategies and solutions.” Read about Lucidea CEO and founder Ron Aspe’s mission to offer the best, most comprehensive unified information and knowledge management applications worldwide in this special edition of CIO STORY, which spotlights Ron’s belief that “there is no such thing as too much information – it just needs to be relevant, organized and accessible,” whether in a law firm or any other knowledge-intensive organization. LawPort, Lucidea’s industry leading, premier legal portal software and SharePoint accelerator, was purpose built to answer the law firm KM challenge.LawPort:

  • Empowers law firm IT and KM staff to maximize information resources investments
  • Maps tightly to attorney workflow
  • Integrates with critical finance, document management and CRM systems
  • Enables fast implementation, leading to rapid ROI

LawPort’s design is based on a deep understanding of attorney workflows and familiarity with critical firm systems such as Elite, Interwoven and Interaction. In addition, LawPort was developed as a SharePoint accelerator – meaning you don’t need costly and time consuming SharePoint consulting or development, making it perfect for midsize firms. Finally, implementation is fast, leading to rapid return on investment. Check out CIO STORY to read about how LawPort played an integral part in supporting the internal processes of two law firms as they merged to become Bingham, Greenebaum Doll LLP. The merging firms relied heavily upon LawPort to help streamline internal/external communications, collaboration, management of multiple distributed information systems, and seamless client service during the merger – until the separate core software applications and networks of both firms were consolidated into one, and remains the legal portal platform which continues to meet the firm’s commitment to providing outstanding legal services and solutions for their clients.

By the way, we’ll be conducting a free webinar on Tuesday, October 20th titled “The Knowledge Management Horizon: Law Firm Challenges And Opportunities” where we’ll discuss the current state of knowledge management in law firms, offer an overview of challenges and opportunities, and help you assess where you are on the KM Horizon. If you’d like to take advantage of early registration please click here – we’d love to have you join us.

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