Law Firm KM Landscape: Solutions to Common Challenges



December 26, 2017

Midsized law firms face unique challenges when it comes to knowledge management. Just as large multinational firms must, they need to provide a solid knowledge management foundation, to protect and leverage the firm’s knowledge assets, and utilize the best technology for the firm’s KM requirements—but unlike their larger brethren, midsized firms are often resource constrained. What does KM success look like for these firms, and how can you get there too?

Lucidea engages in ongoing discussions with clients and potential clients, where we review the current state of law firm knowledge management. This helps us build an overview of challenges and opportunities, and most importantly, develop real world examples of what success looks like when you have a solid KM strategy combined with powerful technology, whether you buy or build.

Law firm KM challenges and opportunities include:

  • Exponential growth of mobile device programs
  • Scattered information architecture
  • Lack of taxonomies or metadata
  • Integration with existing firm systems and applications
  • Business productivity versus data governance

You must be able to answer questions such as:

  • What exactly are my knowledge assets?
  • Who should and does have access to them?
  • How do I get the complete picture?
  • How do I make decisions on what technology to apply?

So, what does success look like? You can watch our webinar to learn how our LawPort clients achieve it—without the need for third party consultants, expensive connectors or a multi-year, 2-3—person implementation done by your IT department. Key indicators of success include:

  • Your portal is the primary source for information storage and access
  • Advocacy and contributions from executive management are a given
  • The portal is actively, continually populated and managed

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