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Web access that reaches virtual audiences

Open your doors to the whole world with a public access portal that offers powerful search and makes your collection discoverable via Google. Offer sophisticated image galleries and links to related objects, highlight special exhibits and share curated collections – use the Web to “show, tell, engage and inspire.”

Efficient, streamlined workflows


With dynamic updating, information entered once behind the scenes is automatically refreshed in the public portal, with no need for exporting or connectors. Intuitive, easy to use navigation minimizes training requirement for your staff, interns and volunteers, giving them more time with the collection.

Mobile access for museum visitors and staff

Staff can work anytime, anywhere using a mobile device; they can search for and record data wherever they are, check the condition of objects on site and do inventories from within warehouses and galleries on-the-go. Visitors, in-person and virtual, can explore using mobile devices (accessing the full portal from a tablet) and you can inspire visits with mobile read-only sessions specific to a particular exhibit or event.

Built With Lucidea Core

LucideaCore is the culmination of 20 years’ worldwide experience serving thousands of organizations in multiple industries, combined with intensive R&D. LucideaCore
applications help special librarians create and deliver valuable, user friendly information resources driven by a powerful KM engine

Integrate with your current system and resources

Argus helps you meet the needs of staff and end users as the organization grows and/or changes – without depending heavily on IT. Customize the user experience, add fields for new content, and modify workflows with the easy configuration settings to suit your needs – now and in the future.

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